Aimee Gallo

Aimee GalloAIMEE GALLO is a marathon runner, indoor cycling coach, holistic nutrition counselor and personal trainer. When not out pursuing her athletic goals, Aimee is busy with her company, Vibrance Nutrition and Fitness, helping her clients meet their fitness and nutrition goals by utilizing a mind, body, and spirit approach.

Aimee’s interest in nutrition began at a young age and through her studies she realized the link between what we put in our bodies and what we can expect to receive from them. Her personal experience with Seasonal Affective Disorder and exercise enlightened her to the importance of movement in healthy living, so she pursued her personal training certification while working toward her Nutrition degree. During this time her relationship with running really blossomed and she completed her first marathon in 2003. After beginning her practice, she came to understand the emotional and spiritual component of achieving one’s dreams and began to integrate that into her work with others as well as her own life. She loves showing others how easy it can be to eat healthy, coaching new runners and walkers as well as those desiring the joy that comes from living and moving in a healthy body.

With a focus on holistic health, Aimee’s nutritional and training philosophy inspires others to live the greatest life they can envision for themselves. She helps her clients by showing them how easy and fun it can be to incorporate exercise and whole, unrefined foods every day, despite the hectic pace of the American lifestyle. By utilizing powerful goal setting, whole foods cooking, proper sports nutrition, weight loss and exercise, her clients are able to have more of what they desire in life. Her personal mission is to increase the amount of joy in the world by encouraging others to practice radical self-care and go for their dreams.