Author: Emily Jean Drevno

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    Trying New Things

    Emily-Jean Drevno is the creator and founder of Your Mindful Child, a foundation whose mission is “to positively change the lives of children and their families by illuminating the greatness that exists within them.” With the school year in full swing, many kids are encountering new experiences that might be out of their comfort zone….

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    5 Steps to Practice Mindfulness with Your Child

    Emily Jean, Founder of Your Mindful Child, created an easy guide for parents on how to practice mindfulness with their children. Read on to learn how these steps can lead to a happier and calmer home. As an expert in bringing mindfulness into homes, I know that starting a mindfulness practice as a family doesn’t have…

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    5 Breathing Techniques for Your Daughter’s Well Being

    Here at Athleta, helping women and girls realize their limitless potential is what we’re all about. Read on for some breathing techniques that will help your daughter feel calmer, stronger, and more confident, from teacher & mindfulness expert Emily-Jean Drevno of Your Mindful Child. Our breath is a built-in tool that all of us have,…

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    Share Your Light: Fostering Fearlessness In Our Girls

    It’s never too early — or too late – to raise girls to be fearless and adventuresome. Help your daughter embody fearlessness by implementing these simple practices. Let Her Fail Failure is scary. And yet, the fear of failing is usually worse than the failure itself. It’s nearly impossible to be fearless if we’re unwilling…

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    5 Ways to Help Your Daughter Feel More Confident & Excited To Go Back to School

    Transitioning from the fun and freedom of summer back into the structured days of school may be more challenging for your daughter than she let’s on. Many children feel nervous or apprehensive about going back to school… and that is totally normal! But there are ways to help your daughter ease those “first day jitters.”…

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    How Practicing Mindfulness with Your Children Leads to a Happier, Calmer Home

    Five tips for bringing mindfulness into your home for a more peaceful, connected family

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