The Power of the Collective

Here at Athleta, we understand how you live. You go from bike commute to morning meeting. Yoga class to lunch date. Climbing gym to grocery store. Squeezing the most out of life calls for clothes that stretch as far as you do. We get it.

Because everything we create is inspired—and designed—by women just like you. Women living big, busy lives who want to look and feel amazing in whatever they do. From running a company to running a 10k, this is everything you need.

Meet some of the women who make up the Power of the Collective.

Our Design Mastermind

“We’re tights obsessed—these are comfort with attitude.”

What was the inspiration behind creating Street Tights?
Our customers have been telling us for years that they want tights they can wear to work. Our first one was the Gleam Tight and it just flew out the door. So we made more.

What makes Street Tights so special?
Our street tights are all about versatility and mobility while looking ticked and tied and feeling sexy. We’ve done a lot of material mixing within the entire range; from our luxe leatherettes and faux suede to real premium stretch leather. Every tight feels special in its own way.

What’s your favorite Street Tights style?
My personal favorites are the Highline Hybrid series which mixes woven and knit for mobility and durability. You can wear these tights on a day hike yet also wear them to dinner at night. Ultimate versatility. I also love the Sueded Strut Tight which has faux suede on the front and our Pilayo fabric on the back. The simplicity of design allows the fabric to sing.

Field Testers + Trailblazers

“Certain work just can?t be done in the office. To design great hiking pants, our X-Lab Team takes to the trails.”

What does an X-Lab “outing” entail?
We all wear test the product, explore the outdoors, and naturally collaborate with each other to find every subtle nuance of innovation within our product.

Tell us a little about the Highline Hybrid pant
We were looking for the mobility of a yoga tight and the protection of a traditional hiking pant. And we wanted them to look stylish too. With abrasion-resistant Trek Tech fabric on the front and 4-way stretch Pilayo fabric on the back, we love the versatility of the pant from a hike to city streets.

How did you wear-test the Highline Hybrid?
The X-Lab outing always involves the activity that the garment is intended for. This one was an 8 mile hike at Point Reyes in Marin County. We started the hike when it was foggy and overcast and ended in the sunshine. We hiked through single track to capture any abrasion issues, moderate climbs for mobility, etc. Being on an 8 mile hike with other women who are super active automatically makes you talk about the product, what you like and what you don’t like. Getting feedback in real-time is so valuable!

Fabric Genius

“Our inspiration for Sculptek came from wanting to create a fabric that would complement women’s natural curves, rather than fight against them.”

How did the Athleta team develop Sculptek technology?
For the past two years, the design, fit and fabric teams worked together to research, develop, and test this new fiber technology that molds and adapts to each woman’s shape, delivering a powerful 360-degree stretch. We’re also very proud that Sculptek products are made in a Fair Trade certified factory, which gives back to our factory workers and allows them to invest in the needs of their community.

How is it different than some of our other fabrics?
We looked at the power of women’s bodies and knew we needed a fabric with unprecedented stretch technology to hug and support muscles. With Sculptek X fabric, our pants allow for zone compression support to combat tightness and pinch points during movement.

What is your favorite workout to do in Sculptek?
I love wearing my Sculptek for weight training and HIIT workouts! Sculptek stays on and provides the support I need to hold my positions just right, not to mention they make me look so sleek.

Design & Product Innovators

“You really do have to touch it to understand. It feels soft and weightless as a feather.”

What makes Powervita fabric so special?
We wanted to make a fabric that would feel so good, we’d forget it was there. Because the last thing we want is to be distracted by our clothing. Powervita is so soft — but also wicking, breathable, and has light compression — it turned out better than we even imagined.

What is your favorite product made with Powervita fabric?
Jeannette: Right now it is the Intuition Tight. I love the ultra high rise waistband, the feminine mesh piecing and the stash pockets for my phone when I am in the office and not in class!
Amy: I’m not sure if I can pick just one! Powervita is definitely my new go-to fabrication for not only yoga but also pilates/barre & just on the go.

How often do you practice yoga?
Jeannette: 3 times a week. I especially love practicing at mid-day during the work week–it keeps me relaxed and re-centered like the day is starting fresh again.
Amy: As a busy working mom of 2 young kids, I’m always looking to sneak in workouts where I can. I typically do yoga once a week, pilates a couple times a week & I’ve been recently meditating as well.

Sustainability Guru & Product Prodigy

“We’re talking about giving ourselves this break from the chaos and intensity of life to be able to rejuvenate ourselves.”

What is Restore?
Our Restore products stand for so much more than one article of clothing using better materials for our planet, it is about a journey that this brand is on to reestablish our relationship with our ultimate playground – the great outdoors – to truly appreciate all that it offers us and teaches us.

What fabrics make Restore so special?
Restore products use a fiber called modal made from trees or wood pulp. What is special about this program is that we source Lenzing Modal, a type of modal that uses only certified wood or wood that comes from responsibly managed forests. We are working to convert our products, style by style, to sustainable materials in order reduce our impact.

How do you practice self-care?
Any activity to rest my mind, work my body and grow as a person; I box and do a circuit training at Empower Gym; just got into surfing (definitely a beginner); hike with friends; do yoga sculpt here and there; volunteer with my husband in the community; travel quite a bit to see family, friends and visit new places. Life is full, but exhausting – moments of restoration are critical, even if it’s just 1-3 minutes to forget all responsibilities and the “need” to be everywhere at all times.

Athleta Girl Champion

“Our mission at Athleta is to empower both women and girls.  So we knew we needed to create the same amazing apparel for girls.”

Athleta Girl launched in 2016. How has it changed in the last year?
We launched in 2016 in 20 stores. We now have girl represented in all Athleta stores! (woohoo!) 76 stores with full assortment and remaining 58 with our Pop Up experience (order through kiosk). The assortment is constantly evolving based on customer feedback. We love talking to our customers and continuously working to meet her needs!

How do you integrate feedback into designing girl’s clothes?
Customer input is integral to designing, so we bring the girls into the conversation. We are constantly reaching out to bring the 10 year old insight into our meetings and decisions around product, marketing and everything we do in store. To find out what 10-year-olds really think, we ask them. We know, as moms of 10 year olds, there is no way to guess what they are thinking. They have influenced color, product details, fit, and style.

You have two daughters of your own. What are their favorite Athleta Girl products?
Two of my daughters are Athleta Girl customers (10 and 8 years old – my little one is 2 ½ so an aspiring Athleta Girl). Their favorite product is the Chit Chat tight. They wear the same size but we have a couple of them so that they can wear them multiple times a week! They also love our Record Breaker short, Kickin’ It Hoodie, Criss Cross My Heart Sweatshirt, and Tracker Tee. Truthfully, they are big fans of most of the assortment and are likely our most loyal customers!

Althea Scott

January 25, 2018 at 10:04 am

OMG!!!!! is that Ernestine Sheppard, My idol??. I have met her couple of times. She inspired me…

June Jasman

March 08, 2018 at 12:33 pm

Love, love Love Athleta clothing and all you represent. Please open a store near Sea Girt/Wall NJ it would do great, there’s a lot of building going on. and I could work for you 🙂

Rachel Johnson

April 17, 2018 at 12:39 pm

Thank you for inspiring all women of every shape, race, and age to be their best self! Your brand has really gone up on my radar due to use of real woman! How do you choose your real models?? I’m fitish and 40 and would love a chance at being in a spread! 😁
Keep up the good work!

Michelle Shaw

April 24, 2018 at 4:55 pm

Love your yoga pants 👖 and bathing suits are amazing 😉 Such pretty designs , but functional too.👏🏼

Michelle Shaw

April 24, 2018 at 4:56 pm

Excited about your new park city store🙂

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