Reyn Yoga Studios Embraces the Power of She

It’s easy to see why Reyn Studios is one of New Orleans’ most beloved spots for yoga.

One student says that because of Reyn,

“Yoga has become a part of my life and I could not live without it.”

But the generous teachers [pictured above] turn the praise back to the students:

“All we do is provide the space and a guide. All the hard work, the dedication, the lifestyle changes, all credit goes to the students. It’s a change that has to happen inside. It doesn’t matter how great the studio is or even how great the teacher is, at the end of the day only the individual can make the change and have the insight to appreciate it.”

The pictures here are a true reflection of the spirit at Reyn. These ladies aren’t just co-workers, they’re friends. They spend time at each other’s homes, and attend classes and teacher trainings together.


The women say they have two mantras to help combat undermining and eliminate negative competition:

  1. We believe in the simple fact that yoga isn’t competitive. There is no better than or less than.
  2. We encourage a healthy attitude when it comes to expressing feedback or comments. Constructive criticism is the name of the game. Part of the practice of yoga is a continuous evolution or being a forever student. If you can’t listen then you’ve stopped learning.


And part of that evolution is always pushing themselves and each other to reach new levels.

“We are each other’s giant support group. There’s always someone there with encouraging words, or someone to step in and sub when someone else needs to step back. Everyone brings something special and unique to the group. We are generous with our knowledge.”


Though the women at Reyn are constantly challenging themselves to master new poses, they’re thoughtful about projecting an inviting attitude and ensuring Reyn is a studio where anyone can feel welcome to practice yoga:

“We have an important mission to represent the true faces of the many different women, men, humans, we have at our studio. Our community is all different sizes, colors, sexes, etc. Our hope is that potential yogis see this and feel welcome. We have a place for everyone.”

Any group that encourages women and girls to stand together, collaborate and put an end to undermining, is a friend of ours!

At the end of the day, these women have genuine respect and admiration for one another. They came up with a few words to describe one other:

1 - group
2 - group

Want to feel the unique spirit of Reyn Studios? Book a class next time you’re in the New Orleans area.

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All photos by Ollie Alexander


August 22, 2016 at 8:31 pm

I am fully agreed with Student of Reyn. If you love a task to do you can not live without it perhaps, Yoga gives a fresh body and mind to concentrate on daily work .

Andy Atari

August 24, 2016 at 3:49 am

I fully agree with the principles taught at Reyn Yoga Studios. I think they’re applicable not just to yoga but to life itself. Life is not a competition with anyone else, so stop trying to compare yourself with others. The best way to approach it is to see yourself as a student for life. We’re here to learn, always. Otherwise, if you’ve stopped learning, you’ve stopped living your life to the fullest.

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