Broadway Star Laurie Metcalf Shares How Yoga Strengthens Her as a Performer


We caught up with Broadway star Laurie Metcalf backstage at her show, Misery, which she stars in alongside Bruce Willis. With her daughter Zoe by her side, she shared with us how yoga helps strengthen her as a performer.

FS9A7159How has yoga helped you perform?
I feel limber and strong when I’m practicing regularly. I draw on that when I’m performing in a play eight times a week. I like feeling strong on stage.

I feel limber and strong when I’m practicing regularly… I like feeling strong on stage.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I’m definitely a morning person and that’s when I like to workout.

What’s your advice for busy moms who are looking to find some time to themselves?
The schedule that works best for me is dropping off the kids at school and heading right to the yoga studio.


What are the essentials in your gym bag?
I don’t have a gym bag. Besides a yoga mat, the only other thing I bring is a grippy towel for the mat.

What’s your favorite pose?
My favorite position for feeling strong is plank. My favorite position for the stretch is downward dog.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?
My ultimate guilty food craving is pizza. I could eat it everyday. There have been some months when I have! Yeesh.


Photos by Derrick Belcham 

Shop Laurie and Zoe’s Looks

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Laurie is wearing the Fastest Track Half Zip and Electro Sonar Capri


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Zoe is wearing the Laser Beam Chi Tank, Striped Strength Hoodie 2 and the Laser Beam Sonar Capri


Eva Scarlett

March 13, 2016 at 9:10 am

I’m a huge fan of her yoga training. I got some awesome yoga ideas from her.

American Heavyweight

March 20, 2016 at 8:13 pm

Laurie Metcalf’s routine is one that I encourage all my athletes to adhere to – find a routine and stick to it. I drop off at school and head straight to the studio. If you make it part of your day, then it’s part of your life.

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