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    From the 7 Summits to the South Pole: Meet Record-Breaking Mountain Explorer Meagan McGrath

    Ain’t no mountain high enough for record-breaking mountain explorer Meagan McGrath. She shares her story with us from climbing the Seven Summits to the Himalayas to her solo ski trip to the South Pole.

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    Athleta Field Report: Testing Our Temperature-Regulating Gear on a Rugged Oregon Coast Hike

    Athleta Field Report puts our technology and innovations to the test in the real world. Outdoor blogger and pro snowboarder Caley Vanular reviews Athleta cold-weather performance gear on an epic Oregon coast hike.

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    How to Stay Warm Outdoors in the Winter

    Cold: it offers up a frozen wonderland to those willing to test their limits (read: ice climbing, empty surf breaks, alpine hikes), but it can also feel pretty miserable if you aren’t prepared for it. To get ready for the coldest of seasons, I asked for some field-tested advice on fending off the chill from…

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    How to Adjust to Higher Elevations

    For peak baggers and summit seekers, not much can rival the thrill of a little high altitude hiking, but acute mountain sickness (AMS) can quickly turn the high of adventure into a serious downer. Headaches, loss of appetite, nausea and even vomiting are common symptoms of people who head upward too quickly, and sometimes AMS…

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    DON’T LOOK DOWN: Ice-Climbing 101

    You know how people always say, “Don’t run with scissors”? Well, how about: “Don’t try to climb 100 feet of mountain while holding ax”? Not a phrase you’ve heard? That’s because the people of Colorado would actually encourage you to do JUST THAT. The little town of Ouray, Colorado—affectionately referred to as the “Switzerland of America”—maintains a year-round population…

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