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5 On-the-Go Healthy Tips for Busy Moms

Here at Athleta, many of us are mothers. We’re moms of newborns, moms of toddlers, of grade-school kids and of kids in college. We’re a company of mustlers (mom-hustlers 😉 ) and we know how hard it can be at times. To welcome back-to-school…

September 2, 2016

Meet the Young Woman Behind ‘Juggling for Jude’

Most kids don’t spend their free time raising money for cancer treatment and research, but 11-year old Hollis has used her talent for juggling soccer balls to earn tens of thousands of dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Hollis says the past few…

July 23, 2016

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Athleta Girl

We recently caught up with Katy Miller, Athleta’s Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development, to learn more about the inspiration and development of the new, diverse girl’s clothing line for girls. Q: Take us back to the beginning. Where did the idea of a…

May 31, 2016
Power Up for Girls on the Run

Power Up for Girls on the Run

When a girl runs, she lives in the moment. She’s no longer small, big, slow, fast, shy, loud, rule-breaker or rule-follower. The layers peel away with every step she takes until all that remains is strength. Utter confidence in her abilities and, by extension,…

August 4, 2014