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    Try These 6 Partner Exercises For Double The Workout Fun

    As one of New York City’s top fitness trainers, (and our Summer 2016 Model-Athlete!) Shanna Farrar knows how to keep her clients motivated. According to Shanna, you don’t need a trainer to make sure you stay on top of your workout routine… you just need a buddy! She shared a few of her favorite partner…

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    Best-in-Class Capris for Running & Training

    Longer days call for longer runs… And a longer run makes high-quality performance gear all the more essential. Go the extra mile with our newest performance capris. New fabrics and dialed-in details give you the freedom to focus on form and fun, without fuss. THE RELAY 2.0: FOR EXTRA STORAGE Flattering seams? ? Leg pockets…

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    National Friendship Day: 5 Reasons You Need a Fitness Buddy

    Solo workouts are great for “me time,” but what about the days you skip a workout because it’s too hot, too cold, or you simply can’t find the energy after work? It’s easy to fall into the ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ rabbit hole. As a fitness consultant, clients often say if I hadn’t shown up for…

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    A Q&A with Crossfit Champ Shellie Edington

    Shellie Edington hasn’t always been able to lift more than most people weigh. Though she was a competitive gymnast growing up and earned scholarships to two colleges, she realized when she turned 45 that she was having trouble keeping up with the kids she was teaching through her company, Tumblin4Kids. It was only when she…

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    Inside Crossfit: The Real Deal from a Brave Beginner

    Crossfit is a great environment for healthy competition. It packs measurable results, modifications that take you from formidable beginner to advanced AMRAPS (that’s short for As Many Reps As Possible), and a philosophy that’s positively focused on weight. Best of all, we hear the Crossfit community provides an uplifting atmosphere. So we followed our very own…

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    This Girl Ran 2 Marathons in 6 Days (Oh, And She’s Legally Blind)

    Running a marathon is challenging. Fatigued muscles, cramping calves, and heat exhaustion are just a few side effects of the 26.2 mile endeavor. However, what few of us know, is what it’s like to run 2 marathons in 6 days with little to no eyesight or hearing.  Sarah Dever, age 30, has a condition called…

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