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    A Q&A with Crossfit Champ Shellie Edington

    Shellie Edington hasn’t always been able to lift more than most people weigh. Though she was a competitive gymnast growing up and earned scholarships to two colleges, she realized when she turned 45 that she was having trouble keeping up with the kids she was teaching through her company, Tumblin4Kids. It was only when she…

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    Inside Crossfit: The Real Deal from a Brave Beginner

    Crossfit is a great environment for healthy competition. It packs measurable results, modifications that take you from formidable beginner to advanced AMRAPS (that’s short for As Many Reps As Possible), and a philosophy that’s positively focused on weight. Best of all, we hear the Crossfit community provides an uplifting atmosphere. So we followed our very own…

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