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echo “Hi again! You’ve already completed your sponsorship application. We’re not able to modify applications once they’re received, but if you believe a mistake has been made please use the contact form

Thank you for taking the time to tell us more about you! By answering the questions below, you’re helping us better understand who you are and why you’re a good fit for our team. We suggest you fill out your application in a separate document, then cut and paste into the fields — once you click Submit, there’s no going back.


Primary sport
Please list your athletic credentials (teaching/coaching certifications, related education, etc.):
Tell us about 3 or 4 athletic goals that you are committed to for 2012:
As part of our sponsorship program, athletes are showcased on our blog and are asked to participate in our community by contributing content related to their experience and expertise (personal stories, informational articles, training plans, etc.). Please give us 2 or 3 examples of what you might contribute, each summarized in a paragraph or two.
Approximately how many potential Athleta customers are you exposed to on a monthly basis through your training, competitive, or professional events?
How long have you been wearing Athleta clothing?
What Athleta clothing is most relevant to your sport(s)?
In what ways do you promote your sport(s) or give back to the community through your sport(s)?
Who is your favorite current or past Athleta Sponsored Athlete and why?
If someone wrote a biography of your life to date, what would the title be?
Tell us about 2 or 3 women who have inspired you the most, and why?
What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

Please complete reCAPTCHA“; } else { echo “this form”; } ?> and click Submit to send your request.
Do a quick once-over before you click Submit to make sure all the required fields are complete. And don’t worry about the personal details in your application – they’re for our eyes only! See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for details.