Tamara Jacobi

Tamara JacobiTAMARA JACOBI guides sea kayaking, hiking and surfing tours in addition to managing Tailwind Outdoor, a family-run eco-lodge in the jungles of Mexico. Raised with a passion for endurance expeditions, Tamara has a lifetime of long distance adventure under her belt in backpacking, ‘bikepacking’, sea kayaking and mountaineering. In 2007, she developed the Tailwind vision with her father and brother on an 850-mile self-supported sea kayak adventure and now serves as manager, adventure guide, web designer and hostess for the family’s business.

Born in Vermont, Tamara was raised in Quebec by parents who shared their love of long-distance adventures with her. While attending Middlebury College, Tamara took a semester off to study green building practices that would help develop her family’s eco-lodge after they purchased five acres of jungle on the Pacific coast. She wrote the business plan for Tailwind Outdoor during her senior year, then celebrated her graduation by skiing down the local mountain in her cap and gown.

In addition to her tireless work for Tailwind Outdoor, Tamara’s diverse resume ranges from guiding adventures in Hawaii, installing solar panels in Colorado, and working on an organic farm in Oregon. While she has also biked 2,000 miles along the Continental Divide and trekked the 220-mile John Muir Trail twice, Tamara considers herself a “water girl” and gains clarity and inspiration from her daily life on the water.

On Inspiration: “Today in my life in Mexico, I hear the sound of the ocean in my dreams and I am out on the water kayaking or surfing nearly every day. Water has some wonderful qualities— it is adaptable, determined, powerful, yet it is graceful, captivating and creative in how it flows. Water also functions in accordance with natural rhythms, which is very important to me, as I am passionate about sustainable lifestyles and living in harmony with the natural world.”

Having recently earned the first globally accredited Sustainability Certification through Travel International, Tamara’s professional goals for 2009 include the development and improvement of Tailwind’s marketing, sustainable operations and management. She is excited about the expansion of the business into retreats for women, family reunions, as well as wilderness, adventure and spiritual retreats. Personally speaking, she also hopes to take more time to nurture herself by connecting with the natural world through trail running, surfing and yoga.

On Adventure: “I have a pin on my favorite bag that asks, ‘What will your story be?’ This is a wonderful reminder to me to embrace life’s adventures—both my own adventures and the adventures of others. No one knows exactly what life will bring them, but everyone has a unique story to tell. As I create my own life story, I draw inspiration from others—their endeavors, their relationships, their goals and their passions.”

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