Mary DeLaney

Mary DeLaneyMARY DELANEY is a triathlete, skier, kayaker, hiker, sailor, and scuba diver who runs a coaching and rehabilitation business, called Rehab to Racing, that she started with her husband. Rehab to Racing helps injured athletes get back to their sports through custom tailored training programs and individualized support. After a devastating ski accident last year, Mary has had to turn her rehab efforts to herself in an attempt to get back to triathlon.

Always active, Mary started running in 1976 after she graduated from physical therapy school. She did her first triathlon in 1998 and loved that it wasn’t a competition based on being at the absolute top in just one sport, but was instead an aggregate measure of doing pretty well in all three sports. She enjoys staying fit with her husband and now she gets to see the true benefits offered by her business because she is on the other side of the rehab equation.

Mary co-authors a column for a regional triathlon magazine, Tri-DC, and in a recent column she addressed the emotional turmoil that accompanies being perfectly healthy and capable in one moment and having that taken from you in the next. She is an inspiration to numerous clients, readers and friends because she strongly encourages everyone to use their spirit and drive to get back to doing what they love. And she does all of this proudly at 57 years young.