Kathleen Harding

Kathleen Harding - 2012 Athleta Sponsored AthleteKATHLEEN HARDING is a pro mountain bike racer who has loved spending time in the outdoors for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Pennsylvania’s countryside with active parents helped nurture this love. In her early teens, Kathleen began long distance running and cycling. By college, she was competing in cross country, and in her twenties she ran several half marathons and her first full marathon. Due to a nagging running injury from over-training and her husband’s infectious love of all things cycling, she began to pursue cycling, specifically mountain biking. In 2008, she won the overall Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) competition in the Women’s Sport Category and just a year later was competing in the Women’s Elite Category. In 2009 she won the overall Women’s Elite Category in the MASS. She began to pursue regional races outside of the MASS in 2010, and in 2011 earned her professional USA Cycling (USAC) cross country mountain bike license. In July of 2011, when she lined up with the nation’s top female racers to compete in the USAC National Championship in Sun Valley, ID, her goal was to finish without getting pulled or lapped. She was able to accomplish that goal without prior training at elevation.

This coming year, Kathleen will race for Team Cystic Fibrosis (Team CF), a group of cyclists committed to the development of a cure for cystic fibrosis. She looks forward to competing in National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series, comprised primarily of 100 mile mountain bike races, as well as cross country races regionally and nationally. She’ll race to meet her personal goals and to raise awareness for an important cause. Also, over the last few years while racing for Trestle Bridge Racing, Kathleen acted as Volunteer Coordinator to set up events with Good Works and the City Gate Mission out of Coatesville, PA. She coordinated groups of team members to assist with building projects, as well as make and serve meals to the local homeless. She truly enjoys giving back as much as she can.

When she’s not competing or training, Kathleen spends her days teaching second-graders and does her best to inspire and nurture their love for staying active and being outside. Mountain biking, climbing, and running through the years are gifts that she does not take for granted. They keep her healthy, balanced, and have taught her that she can set goals and work hard to meet them. Kathleen’s passion for her sport is best reflected in the good deeds she does for her community and the wisdom she imparts on the younger generation to always seek their passions and give back.



  • Contributed to her Southern Vermont College Women’s Cross Country Team to the Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) win in 2001
  • Ran first marathon in 2007 in 3:49, despite being injured
  • In first season of mountain biking in 2008, won the Women’s Sport Category in the Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) and moved up to the Pro/Elite Women’s Category
  • In 2010, won the women’s elite overall category in competition with many Cat1 and Pro female racers, placing 2nd overall for the season
  • 2011 race results: AFC Sugar Hill Patapsco – Elite Women – 2nd place; Bike Line Fair Hill – Elite Women – 1st place; Tour de Tykes – Elite Women – 2nd place; Campmor H2H #1 Waywayanda Spring Cleaning – Open Pro Women – 1st place; On the Rocks at French Creek – Elite Women – 3rd place; Greenbrier Challenge Maryland State Championship – Pro Women – 1st place; Iron Hill Challenge – Elite Women – 2nd place; Trail Spinners Fair Hill Classic – Elite Women – 1st place; USA Cycling PRO XCT National Championship – Pro Women – 30th place
  • Earned professional cross country mountain bike license
  • Women’s coordinator of Trestle Bridge Racing


  • Race in the National Ultra Endurance Series Events (Syllamos Revenge, Mohican MTB100, Hampshire 100, Shenandoah 100)
  • Race in USA Cycling Mid-Atlantic Qualifier Events (including Greenbrier Challenge)
  • Compete in the Highland to Hudson (H2H) Series events as racing schedule allows
  • Race in independent events including: Single-speed-a-palooza, Dark Horse 40, 24-Hours of Seven Springs, etc.
  • Defend Mid-Atlantic Super Series (MASS) Elite Women’s title by competing in as many MASS races as racing schedule allows
  • Race several races along the Pro-XCT tour and place in the top 20
  • Compete in the Pro Women’s (cross country mountain bike) National Championship in Sun Valley, Idaho in July of 2012
  • Race first 50 and 100-mile races in the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) and place in the top 10 for the series