Erin Gray

Erin GrayERIN GRAY is a professional beach volleyball player who started playing indoor volleyball at the age of twelve and, by the age of seventeen, was an All-American indoor volleyball player. She went on to First Team All American in collegiate volleyball, was the Big Ten Freshman of the Year, and later made the United States Professional Volleyball Dream Team.

In her younger years, she enjoyed indoor volleyball but harbored a dream of becoming a professional beach volleyball player. At nineteen, she realized that dream. Just a couple years later, she found the need to take a break from playing professionally when she had her first child. So in 1999, she stopped playing and had not just one, but four children. In 2008, Erin thought volleyball was a thing of her past when she was approached and asked to play in a beach tournament. She dusted off her ball, played that tournament and has never looked back.

Now in her thirties, Erin is fully living her dream, balancing her family life as a mother of four with a complete training and competition schedule. She travels on both international and U.S. beach tours and was named the EVP Female Beach Player of the Year for 2009. She began coaching volleyball again and currently runs clinics at her local park district for children ages 5-14. She feels the most content and alive when playing and when giving back to the community by teaching others the sport she loves.