Colleen Cannon

Colleen CannonColleen Cannon is President, CEO and founder of Women’s Quest, a multisport fitness retreat providing athletic and holistic training for women worldwide. Prior to founding Women’s Quest, Colleen was a professional triathlete competing worldwide with over seventy career victories.

As one of 8 children in an active family, Colleen grew up swimming, riding horses, and competing with her siblings for food and attention. While attending college on a swimming scholarship, she unintentionally entered her first triathlon. In spite of being unprepared and taking an unorthodox approach to the competition (like completing the 50-mile cycling leg on a bike with baskets on the back and streamers on the handlebars), she finished the race in second place, launching a career on the professional triathlon circuit from 1981 to 1992. Colleen’s many victories and accomplishments include World Triathlon Champion (1984), two-time U.S. Champion (1988, 1990), the Coca-Cola Grand Prix of Triathlon (1989), U.S. National Triathlon Team Member (1990 – 1992), and top ranking triathlete of the Association of Professional Triathletes (1984, 1986, 1987).

Discovering Your Dreams: “Physical activity is one of the most powerful, and perhaps the most under-used tool for personal discovery, balance, and transformation. For me, training and racing was far more than simply grinding it out and competing — it was a chance to create harmony in all aspects of my life. I had the amazing opportunity to train with the world’s best athletes, coaches and doctors to help me gain the ‘winning edge’. As a result, I discovered that there is an athlete and winner within each of us. With clear vision and determination, we can all achieve our life’s dream.” {Colleen’s Tips From a Pro »}

In 1992, Colleen founded Women’s Quest with a group of friends and fellow triathletes. Initially focused on training for women athletes, the retreats have evolved to focus on “physical, mindful, and spirit-filled adventures” that help everyday women find balance and rekindle their passion.

“I wanted to ignite a spark and passion in people for the outdoors, their own bodies and their spirits,” says Colleen. “Regardless of your age, fitness level or athletic background, it is never too late to learn to love an active lifestyle and feel truly alive.”

Colleen’s Inspirational Quote: “What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —Mary Oliver