Christy Mahon

Christy Mahon - 2012 Athleta Sponsored AthleteCHRISTY MAHON  completed her goal of skiing all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains (aka “14ers”) on May 16, 2010. While the root of the project can be traced back 10 years when, as a relative novice with a ready smile, she skied her first 14er, it eventually evolved into something bigger than she ever could have imagined. This goal, which included consistent early, cold mornings and long, strenuous days in the mountainous backcountry of Colorado, taught her that we all have the chance to be who we really want to be, and to do everything in our lives, we just need to learn how to tap into this way of thinking. Now, there’s not a day that goes by that she doesn’t enjoy having accomplished such a lofty goal.

A Colorado native, Christy moved to Aspen thirteen years ago, where she quickly observed people defying the ordinary. Inspired by those around her, she soon began seeking her own outdoor challenges. As a runner, she tackled half marathons, and then marathons, ultimately completing nine 50 mile races and two 100 miles ultra races. As a climber, her drive allowed her to summit all of Colorado’s highest hundred peaks, as well as many high summits around the world, including Mt. Everest’s neighboring peak, Ama Dablam. Always up for a good challenge, Christy is now combining her personal passion for the outdoors with her career in non-profit fundraising for the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES). Her personal life has always included a huge respect for nature and she has learned so much from spending time outdoors and in the mountains. Constantly striving to be a more responsible environmental steward, contributing to a healthy planet, and being challenged to be a better person, is right up her alley.

Setting goals, working hard for something, and believing in yourself is Christy’s everyday motto. She’s starting to use her recent accomplishments to help provide more opportunities for young girls to get out there and have fun while gaining the experience and confidence they need. Christy’s goal is to continue expanding her climbing and ski mountaineering experiences, while exploring new mountain ranges and peaks around the world, ultimately inspiring others, especially women, to set goals, get outside, and find something extraordinary in the every day.


  • Ski mountaineering highlights include: First woman to ski all 54 Colorado 14,000 ft. peaks; 2011 Bugaboos – Rogers Pass Traverse, B.C., Canada;  Ski touring Iceland’s Northwest fjords; Haute Route, Chamonix – Zermatt
  • Numerous alpine adventures: 2010 Climbed Colorado Centennial Peaks (100 highest); 2008 Ama Dablam 22,500 ft, Southwest Ridge, Nepal; 2007 Antisana  18,891 ft, Cotopaxi 19,345 ft, Illiniza Norte 16,817 ft, Ecuador; 2005 Grand Teton 13,770 ft, Exum Ridge; Iztaccihuatl, 17,342 ft., Pico de Orizaba 18,404 ft., Mexico; 2002 Mt. Rainier 14,440 ft, Fuhrer Finger and 2010 Disappointment Cleaver
  • Ultra/ski race highlights: 2011 12 hours of Sunlight Rando Race (1st place co-ed); 2011 Four Mountain Challenge Rando Race (3rd place co-ed); 4 time finisher Leadville 50 miler (4th place female 2011); 3 time finisher Lake City 50 miles (5th place female 2011); 10 time finisher Elk Mountain Traverse (1st place female/co-ed 2007); Leadville Trail 100 mile (6th place woman); Wasatch Trail 100 mile (6th place woman); 5 time finisher North Route Courier de Bois 90k Skate Race (2nd place women, 2007)


  • Ski all of Colorado’s top 100 peaks (ski 10 peaks, bringing total list to 73 peaks skied by end of the 2012 season)
  • Compete in the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse ski race (for the 11th time!) in March with her husband, Ted, placing in co-ed division
  • Participate in Power of Four ski race and other COSMIC Ski race throughout Colorado
  • Run her third 100-mile endurance running race in Summer 2012
  • Climb expedition to a high, international peak (destination to be decided)