Caitlin Gregg

Caitlin Gregg - 2012 Athleta Sponsored AthleteCAITLIN GREGG was on the slopes with her parents as soon as she could walk, falling in love with everything winter. Her passion for skiing was elevated to a new level when her family moved to Vermont and she realized she could pursue a newfound goal of competing in the Winter Olympics. From that point on, she dedicated the next 15 years of her life to training and racing around the world. After graduating with a B.F.A. in Environmental Design from Northern Michigan University, Caitlin moved to Minneapolis — regarded as a mecca for cross country skiers — and found herself surrounded by a community of like-minded ski enthusiasts. The Central Cross Country Ski Team soon added her to their Elite roster and she was able to continue training and racing, often alongside her husband, an elite skier, himself. They bought their first house on the North Side of Minneapolis in the Spring of 2011 and enjoy the 700 acre Theodore Wirth Park just outside their backdoor.

The North Side of Minneapolis is an area where crime, drugs, and neglect are plentiful, so Caitlin spends her free time working at the Harrison Community Center as both a role model and mentor for kids. Her goal is to motivate the kids to look beyond the boundaries of their neighborhood and “dream big,” as she puts it, to realize their own potential by setting goals and excelling in sports. For the past three years, Caitlin has worked with the nonprofit In the Arena, which partners elite athletes with at-risk and underprivileged kids. She coaches track and field in the spring and works in the art room during the summer, fall, and winter. In addition to her work with In the Arena, Caitlin and her husband have started a neighborhood running program that encourages kids to exercise, eat healthy, and understand that it can all be fun!

Caitlin also works with her local coach and his up-and-coming younger athletes, as well as his adult groups. These groups may fall on the opposite side of the income spectrum, but they have just as much to gain from being motivated, inspired, and believed in. These individuals are usually in very high stress jobs where they neglect taking time for themselves and living a healthy lifestyle. Giving them the tools to push their boundaries is also extremely rewarding for them. Many have succeeded in the business world and are looking to conquer another type of challenge. Caitlin comes to them as an expert in the sport of cross country skiing and what they gain from her is more than just training and advice on technique — she hopes to inspire them to live out their dreams, too. Whether it’s competing in their first Ironman or Marathon, finishing a 5K or the 52K American Birkebeiner, she wants to encourage them to dream big.


Cross Country Skiing

  • 6th Place – Team Sprint- 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver, Canada
  • 30th Place – 10K Skate- 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver, Canada
  • 14th Place – 10K- Skate-2010 World Cup, Canmore Canada
  • 1st Place – American Birkebeiner 52K Skate, Hayward, WI
  • 1st Place – US Nationals 2009 5K Skate, Anchorage, Alaska


  • 37th Place– 15K Individual- 2008 Biathlon World Championships, Ostersund, Sweden


  • 1999, 2000, 2002 NCAA All-American
  • Host free fitness events at the Athleta Minneapolis store
  • Improve performance in classic skiing and sprinting
  • Qualify for the funded Spring World Cups in Europe and Scandinavia
  • Win a National Championship in the 10K Skate race.
  • Win the American Birkebeiner (again)