Anita Ronzone

Anita Ronzone - 2012 Athleta Sponsored AthleteANITA RONZONE is a karate instructor six days a week, a working professional five days a week, and a 24/7 wife, mother, and small business owner who believes that having goals which motivate you to pursue your passions — and never giving up — is how you live life to its absolute fullest.  A strong advocate for and practitioner of an active lifestyle and all things athletic, Anita grew up dancing classical ballet for ten years, playing high school volleyball and tennis, and later teaching tennis while in college. She still participates in a variety of sports, but her true love is the martial arts, which she discovered later in life after working for years as a finance executive. Now, she not only works a professional career, she also runs a karate studio in Colorado.

Although she encounters misconceptions about martial arts training for women — in part because it’s typically a male-dominated activity — Anita believes it’s one of the most empowering sports a female can participate in, and she’s especially passionate about martial arts training for girls and women to learn about self defense. Having the ability to impact a young female’s confidence through training in the art is incredibly rewarding, but at the same time she credits the men in her life for being the greatest friends and influencers in her life, for being there to cheer her on, supporting her drive to engage girls and women in the martial arts, and appreciating the value of having strong, athletic, and independent women in their lives.

Anita has been married for over 17 years and has a 10 year-old son who also trains avidly in the arts. In her spare time, she loves climbing and finds the sport to be a fantastic physical and mental activity that helps shut off all her competing thoughts about work and schedules. She’s also drawn to its inherent trust-building: rock climbing is about trusting yourself on the wall or on the rock, and about trusting your belay partner to catch you if you fall. After all that strength-building, she turns to yoga. It’s what she does when it’s time to focus and re-center, to turn her attention back on herself, and clear her mind. It’s when she’s doing yoga, or rock climbing, or martial arts, that she embraces how incredibly fortunate she is to have found her calling. If Anita is any indication, it’s never too late to follow your passion.



  • 2nd degree black belt in Kempo Karate
  • Martial Arts instructor and studio manager
  • Lead climb certified (climbed her first 5.11+!)


  • Grow martial arts school to 150 students and inspire them to experience their personal best through the art
  • Run a second school in mid-2012
  • Lead climb a 5.10 rated outdoor climb in Colorado (which means getting over personal anxieties of outdoor climbing and trusting her own skill and ability)
  • Reconnect with yoga to balance and re-center from the demands of running a business, holding down a full time professional career, and being a mom and wife