Andrea Smalling

Andrea SmallingANDREA SMALLING is a runner, personal trainer and group fitness instructor who recently left a successful career in the wine industry to start her own business, fueled by her passion for athletics. Her company, Fitness Advantage, focuses on personal and small group training for women, and will expand to specialize in strength training and conditioning for kids.

Andrea’s love of sport was inspired her dad, who played professional football in the Canadian Football League. She began playing softball at age six, was selected to play for the Canadian National Softball team, and also started coaching younger girls as a way to give back to the sport. She started running in her later teens, primarily as a way to stay in shape, and grew to love distance running. Five marathons and several distance races later, Andrea is member of the Forward Motion Racing Team (Danville, California) and relies on running to help her feel healthy emotionally and physically.

As the mother of two children who participate in soccer, baseball, dance and gymnastics, Andrea is driven to educate kids on the value of physical fitness and nutrition. When she’s not shuttling her own kids to sporting events or training herself, she volunteers for Girls On the Run (an organization that’s near and dear to Athleta), and has started coaching kids on how to use strength and conditioning to supplement the skills they learn in a particular sport.