Amie Breeze

Amie Breeze - 2012 Athleta Sponsored AthleteAMIE BREEZE grew up in Mariposa, California, a small mountain community at the base of Yosemite that gave her an early appreciation and respect for the Great Outdoors. Little did she know all that running in the woods, splitting and stacking firewood, shoveling snow, and other forested adventures that were second nature to her, would prepare her for life’s challenges and hardships. It took Amie almost 30 years to discover what she was born and destined to do.  When she finally listened to her heart to pursue her life calling as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, all her lessons learned and experiences lived came back full circle to these early years in the mountains.

The journey was not always easy. From an early age, Amie learned to cope with life’s hardships through running. When her stepfather suffered from a drug addiction, Amie found strength and power in running.  And when she lost both her mother and stepfather at age 21, it was only natural for her to turn to running, which she found connected her to God and all the wonder and beauty of life. It turns out running and exercise helped her through every stage of life, from working as a firefighter and EMT for four years, to motherhood and divorce, to seven years of single parenthood, and even a reconciliation with her ex-husband. Amie likes to say that during her eight years as a city council member — one year as mayor — some of her best speeches were thought of while running.

For the past decade, Amie has been fortunate enough to share her life-long love of running, exercise, and the Great Outdoors with hundreds of individuals as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Few things in life bring her greater joy than seeing a person get “hooked” on exercise. Two and a half years ago, she became the Owner and Director of an Adventure Boot Camp for Women. In her outdoor fitness boot camp, women of all ages, sizes, and abilities come together for four weeks, where they learn to trust themselves and one another, and have fun while exercising in the outdoors. Amie believes the transformations are truly amazing: not only do women firm and tone the muscles of their bodies, but at 5:15 am in the brisk, chilly air they learn to firm their “struggle muscles” too. Amie believes it is these struggle muscles, once awakened, that remind us of how powerful we really are, and that we really can thrive in life — one lunge, squat, and running step at a time.


  • Graduated top fire cadet in the 20th Butte Fire Academy
  • 1994 earned State Fire Marshal Firefighter I Cert
  • 2001 became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor (YMCA, AFAA)
  • 2007 became a Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA)
  • June, 2007 finished 2nd place in female 30-39 division and 3rd among all 165 females in the Kona Half Marathon (her second ever half marathon)
  • December, 2007, earned 3rd fastest time on record for females in the California Firefighter Physical Agility Test at the northern California testing center
  • 2010 became a Certified Boot Camp Instructor (NESTA)
  • October 2011 coached 3 boot campers who finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Harvest Fair 5k division 40-44 female
  • October 2011 finished 3rd place in the Harvest Fair 10k division 40-44 female


  • Begin the planning stages to lead a group of boot campers on a trek to Nepal in 2013 for spiritual discovery, self-exploration, and to engage in philanthropy work with the local people
  • Grow 5:15 am boot camp to 60 campers and grow 9:00 am camp to 30 campers
  • Form a partnership with a local, non-profit woman’s help group with the goal to offer a free, once-a-week boot camp experience to their clients to help them discover their own power through exercise, fitness, and nutrition