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Athleta is about real athletes inspiring active women with products that function, fit and perform beautifully. To help achieve our goal of providing the best products and service, we’re committed to connecting with athletes who inspire our business, our products and (most importantly) our customers. Please click around for information about these amazing women, or click here to learn about our sponsorship program.


Elaine Howley ELAINE HOWLEY is a former Division I collegiate swimmer and ocean lifeguard who began competing in long-distance open water events in 2006 on a dare; she hasn’t looked back since, and only trains in the pool when the New England weather turns really beastly… more »
Ilona Barash ILONA BARASH is a physician, climber, and runner living in San Diego, California whose life has been a balancing act between athletics and academics. She climbed El Capitan in Yosemite and did first ascents of alpine climbs north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska… more »
Julia Zammito JULIA ZAMMITO is a certified fitness trainer, nutrition expert and national fitness and figure champion with more than 14 years of professional experience in the fitness industry. Fitness is not only her life, it’s what saved her life… more »
Karen Mirlenbrink KAREN MIRLENBRINK has always described herself as a total beach bunny who can’t keep her toes out of the sand. Growing up on the beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast, her idea of the perfect day involves being in or on the water learning… more »
Liz Durning LIZ DURNING got a big idea. It was 2003 and she had seen enough. As a 4th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate and Rape Counselor in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, she knew that girls needed better self-defense skills… more »
Sadie Chanlett-Avery SADIE CHANLETT-AVERY is a yoga instructor and holistic fitness trainer who grew up barefoot on a farm in West Virginia. As a chubby kid she felt awkward on the co-ed soccer team and clunky in dance classes. By adolescence she gave up… more »
Sandy Sanders SANDY SANDERS is an avid fitness enthusiast, a mother of two, and a woman fueled by her desire to live life without regrets. “There are two types of regrets in life — regretting having done something and regretting having not done something…” more »
Tao Porchon-Lynch TAO PORCHON LYNCH believes that nothing is impossible. At age 94, she’s still confounding the “experts” who didn’t believe she could continue teaching yoga and competing in ballroom dance competitions! What’s the key to her vibrant life… more »
Terri Schneider TERRI SCHNEIDER has been “moving forward” for most of her 51 years. As a a pioneer of several sports, she has blazed a path through the endurance world with her curiosity for how far she can push herself and her desire to continuously up the ante… more »
Winter Vinecki WINTER VINECKI is an ambitious 14-year-old athlete who has been making waves in the sport of triathlon. Racing since the age of five, her competitive spirit has compelled her to be the best. By the age of nine, she found herself competing in an Olympic Distance triathlon… more »
Community Athletes CONNECT WITH MORE SPONSORED ATHLETES in your local community. Each Athleta store sponsors a local athlete with expert credentials and a drive to motivate women in the community. Visit our store pages to learn more about these inspiring women »


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COLLEEN CANNON is President, CEO and founder of Women’s Quest, a multi-sport fitness retreat providing athletic and holistic training for women worldwide. Women’s Quest assists women… more »