Athleta Sponsorship

Power to the She. Athleta is about real athletes inspiring active women with apparel that functions, fits and performs beautifully. To assure we’re providing the best products and service, we’re committed to connecting with YOU — the exceptional women who inspire our business, our products and (most importantly) our customers. Please see below for an overview of Athleta’s programs and answers to frequently asked questions.

Athleta Sponsorship Overview

We believe in fueling aspiration with inspiration. That’s why we sponsor an exceptional team of women who mirror the diversity of our customers and the intention behind our mantra Power to the She. Women in our sponsorship program are:

AUTHENTIC AND CREDIBLE. Athleta’s customers are strong, intelligent women who instinctively know when someone is the real deal. That’s why our athletes have stellar credentials and expertise conveyed with the quiet confidence that comes from a strong core.

COMMITTED TO A BALANCED, ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. We recognize that a woman’s connection to fitness runs much deeper than weight loss or vanity—it’s about balancing and strengthening mind, body and spirit. Our athletes talk the talk and walk (or run) the walk when it comes to integrated health.

DISTINCTIVE. Everything we create, from apparel to photography to copy, has a sensibility that’s uniquely Athleta. We look for athlete partners who are equally distinctive in their fitness practice and overall perspective.

How to Apply for Sponsorship

Please Note: Applications are currently closed as we’re gearing up to unveil some exciting changes to our programs. Check back for more info about when we’ll re-open applications. 

Because each athlete is distinctive, we have a range of offerings to suit each individual. We’re always mixing things up, but here are some of the ways we work with active, athletic women:

You’re someone who loves to get out there and do what you love. And what makes you different is your drive to share the journey with others and motivate them to do the same. Whether it’s traveling to the far reaches of the world, running a marathon, or overcoming some obstacle in life and coming out the other end stronger, you’re there to inspire through writing. If this sounds like you, you have a shot a being a featured writer here on our Chi Blog.

You’re a runner with years of racing under your belt, a cyclist, a professional trainer or all three. Maybe you’re a yogini who teaches everything from Ashtanga to Iyengar, and loves to get groups of women together for impromptu practices (be it in the backyard or your local park). In short, you’re a natural-born leader. Maybe you’ve already motivated women in your own community. If this sounds like you, visit your local Athleta store and introduce yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you be reviewing applications for sponsorship?

We don’t have a specific date to share, but as soon as the details are determined we’ll update this page with more info. We’ll also announce it on our Facebook, Twitter and via email.

What is the role of an Athleta sponsored athlete?

In general, each athlete receives an allotment of performance clothing relevant to her fitness practice. We ask sponsored athletes to put our products to the test, then tell us what works and how we can improve. Beyond that, each athlete is unique so no two relationships are alike. We work with each athlete to build a relationship that showcases her expertise in a way that’s most relevant to our online and real-world communities.

Someone I know would be perfect for Athleta’s sponsorship program! Can I submit a nomination?

We don’t accept nominations, but welcome applications directly from athletes who would like to be considered for our program. If you know someone who might be interested, please encourage her to contact us.

Unfortunately there’s no Athleta store near me. Is it possible to have an application mailed to me?

We’re looking to connect with women who live and work in our local store communities, so we ask women who are interested in a sponsorship to come in and make the personal connection. If you don’t live near an Athleta store, we also offer an option to submit your info online.

I’m participating in a competitive event to raise money for a great cause. Will Athleta sponsor me?

We applaud your efforts to be “fit for good” and encourage you to check out the SoleMates program that benefits our non-profit partner, Girls on the Run. Through SoleMates, you can raise money for Girls on the Run while training for the athletic event of your choice. Each year, SoleMates participants raise critically needed funds that ensure Girls on the Run councils are able to serve more girls in their communities.

Do you sponsor teams?

We have sponsored teams, like the USA Women’s Water Polo Team, and welcome inquiries from applicants representing a team.