Pick Your Perfect Trainer: 4 Tips

Are you ready to take the leap into hiring a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals? Hiring a personal trainer is one of the most effective ways to get fit. Though it costs more than a gym membership, personal trainers provide you with accountability, regular workouts, a regimented fitness plan, and motivation to keep […]

Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training: 6 Questions to Answer

When I first started practicing yoga, I was the inflexible runner hiding in the back of the room. I never expected to have a regular practice or that yoga would find its way into every nook and cranny of my life. I definitely never expected to become a yoga teacher. Finding the right program for […]

ABCs of Safety

Most people are good people, but sometimes bad things happen to good people by bad people. Knowing basic self-defense can save you when no one else can. Wearing a seat belt saves lives. We don’t get into an accident every day, but we wear seat belts just in case. We could be the safest drivers […]

You and Your Bump

Maybe it’s in the air or the water, or maybe its just part of being human, but it seems everyone I know is getting pregnant. There are currently seven nurses in my emergency department all due within one month of each other. Cragmama Erica Lineberry is expecting in early March, and Jessica Bellofatto just blogged […]

8 Ways You Rob Yourself of Energy Every Day

Are midday yawns a part of your day? Do you need a caffeinated beverage (or two) to get you through your day?  One of the most popular goals people cite for lifestyle change is more energy!  Most of us go through too many days burned out, unable to get through without some sort of artificial […]

Everyone Has a Day One

One of my most dedicated boot camp participants cried the first day she came to workout with me. She didn’t cry from the pain of the workout–we hadn’t even warmed up yet. She had just walked over to the basketball court where we were meeting for our first session and she was nervous, intimidated, scared, and […]

5 Tips for Exercising in the Heat

Summer is finally here and the heat is on! This means more people are taking their workout routines outdoors. Cycling, running, urban boot camps, and even yoga classes move from gyms and studios to parks, waterfronts and cityscapes. We wait for this all year, but with added time spent outside we also increase the amount […]

The Red Tent

If your race is going well, you probably don’t even notice the red tents along the way. Filled with cheering, expectant volunteers often wearing red, they are tucked in separate from water or GU stations, right along the path every few miles, especially near that steep hill and the finish line. Normally you’ll run right […]

Set Your Mind To It

“Damn girl, you strong like bull!” Those were words screamed at me by my shocked Russian client when she found out that I paddled 31 miles in one race last year. Her reaction has stuck with me and brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. It’s not just because of […]

How to Love Your Shoulders

Ah, our shoulders. We use them all the time, we expect them to function when we want them to, but rarely give them the attention they deserve. The shoulder is required to do some pretty amazing things. It has to move in more directions then any other joint – out to the side, forward, above […]