Yoga for Cyclists: Post-Ride Cool Down

I hope that you have been getting out and dancing on your bike on the roads or trails. It’s amazing how much more of your surroundings you absorb when you’re out on two wheels and using your own “motor.” At Women’s Quest, we will be dancing on our mountain bikes this summer in Colorado and this fall in Vermont! […]

Yoga for Cyclists: Pre-Ride Warm Up

I love the freedom of dancing through the woods with my mountain bike as my dance partner. I also love to reflect on what I’ve learned from this dance. Your bike has a lot to teach you in this school called life. At Women’s Quest, we will be dancing on our mountain bikes this summer in Colorado and this […]

Embrace Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Back bends… you either love them or hate them. We are not known for treating our spine well. We sit in chairs or cars all day and I’m betting you’re slouching. I have some pretty interesting/unfortunate sitting habits myself and the result is generally a painful back. Three reasons why I think you’ll love back […]

Yoga with Mom

Asana à Deux. Partner yoga seems to get a mixed reaction – some adore its playfulness, others groan when it comes up unannounced in a yoga class. It definitely changes the dynamic of a yoga practice, which is typically done solo. I confess, I never got super excited about partner yoga, but was always grateful […]

Yoga for Swimmers

Women athletes inspire me, but there is a whole new level of admiration for the competitive swimmer.  My husband swam competitively for years and my admiration runs deep for the discipline, gracefulness, and strength that it takes to participate. When my children were younger they competed also and I remember specifically delighting in their fearlessness […]

Snowboard to Surfboard: Yoga for Surfers

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter.  Cross country skiing, snowboarding, more downtime, more naps and more time to nurture yourself with quite time.  But, like all animals in nature, we too need to think about the onset of spring and prepare ourselves.  Which, for Women’s Quest, means swimming in Hawaii and surfing in Costa […]

Spread Your Wings with Spring Yoga

Birdsong – a sound of spring. So to greet the coming season on the mat, how about incorporating some asanas inspired by birds into your fitness/yoga routine? Like their namesakes, some poses are graceful, like bird of paradise, and some are powerful, like rooster. Even if we can’t fly, we can add flexibility, strength and […]

Partner Yoga

Ok, so you got yoga down, you can hang with being present, managing your emotions, flailing limbs, dripping sweat etc…  but it’s a whole different thing when you add another person into the equation — someone else’s sweat, limbs, and ideas about how things should work. Dealing with yourself is one thing; adding the element […]

Embrace Mayurasana (Peacock Pose)

In the yogic traditions, the peacock symbolizes beauty, strength, compassion, and the ability to destroy snakes or, more importantly, digest their venom. It is said that if you practice Mayurasana you will be able to digest the most toxic of poisons.  Not that I’m suggesting you go out and down some arsenic, but your digestion […]

Yoga for Detox

Fall is a time when many of us start to withdraw into ourselves a little.  The days are a LOT shorter (I went for a run just yesterday at 4:30pm and it was pitch black by just after 5!! — good thing I wore my reflective vest that I purchased through Athleta!), the air is […]