Take Your Workouts Outside and On the Go

It’s been a long, long… long winter for many parts of the country, but warm weather is finally here, so get outside and enjoy it! Warm weather is good for more than BBQs and lazy days on the beach. There are thousands of ways to get in a fun and effective workout outdoors – and […]

Target Practice: Core Yoga

When you’re in yoga class and the instructor starts talking about core work, is all you hear blah blah blah core strength blah blah blah? Well, time to tune in to the center of your body’s energy because if you want to improve your practice and its benefits, it all starts with your core. That […]

Blasphemous Thoughts on Sports Nutrition

Chocolate Milk is Crap Yes – I think chocolate milk is crap. The recovery food hailed by the world as the perfect post-workout replenishment falls far short of it in my book. Before I fully step upon my soap box, let me explain why chocolate milk rose to fame. The key nutrition components to a complete […]


I was first introduced to stand up paddleboarding years ago when I was approached to teach Pilates on the board. Having never really paddled a board before, I was amazed to find that the board I was given to “play with” was essentially a floating yoga mat. It was wide, flat, stable, and it even […]

Wear Your Helmet!

I’m writing this just as I finish up a month long stint in the medical and ski clinics in North Lake Tahoe, California as part of my fellowship. These clinics, located at the bases of the Squaw Valley and Northstar-at-Tahoe ski resorts, have provided a unique opportunity for me to take care of a TON […]

We Are What We Think: Part 3

The Big Scary Test In my last post, Part 2, we were left working with word imagery while prepping to head to Kona for the big scary test at the Ironman World Championship. Check list en route to Kona: Word cues and affirmations solidly in place? Check. Fit as I can be given minimal land […]

All or Nothing, or None and Done?

In the twelve years I have worked in the fitness industry, I guess you can say I’ve seen it all. From Tae Bo to Atkins, from Zumba to CrossFit, I’ve certainly seen my share of trends come and go. One thing is for sure: no matter what the fad, the human component and the “some is good, more is […]

We Are What We Think: Part 2

In my last post, I touched on the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ of mental training as we started thinking about what our internal brain feed looks like when we train. In this post, I’ll offer you a few tools to develop your own mental training process—wrapped into a real life story. I’ve had quite a few […]


I’m about 11 miles into a 17 mile run, two weeks before the Boston Marathon, when I’m crippled by knee pain. Sharp, stabbing pain to my lateral right knee, like someone was jabbing it with a hot poker. As I screech and limp to a halt, I’m kicking myself as I know exactly what this […]

We Are What We Think: Part 1

A ‘Why’ and ‘What’ of Mental Training for Sport (and Life!) A month ago I tossed out a question on my Facebook wall: “As an athlete, do you spend focused time working on mental training?” This was a tiny test to a) see if folks had a sense for what mental training is, and b) […]