The Visual, Physical & Cultural Intrigues of Biking Bhutan

On any stretch of road one rolls in Bhutan, the cyclist is guaranteed a visual, physical and cultural feast. From views of 7,000 meter snow-capped peaks perched as a backdrop to the seemingly endless foothills, the acres of climbing through alpine forest down to crisp, turbulent rivers—the landscape of Bhutan is abundantly stimulating. And as […]

What Matters from the Trail

I started jotting down these thoughts several days ago while nestled in the ruins of a rock fortress at Jangotang camp in the eastern Himalaya range of Bhutan. Protected from the chilly mountain breeze by ancient crumpled drywall, I gazed directly up at 7,000 meter Jhomolhari peak outlined by the cobalt blue sky. As our […]

All the Prince’s Horses & All the Prince’s Men

We had no idea that our expedition would be in such a limelight for the country of Bhutan. Upon arrival in Paro, the red carpet was rolled out and a greeting party met us at the airport—a special staff appointed by His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, who is also the head of the […]

Dropping Into Paro

Candra Canning, Expedition Bhutan Storyteller, shares a cup of coffee with Terri Schneider, Expedition Bhutan Leader, while overlooking the Paro Valley… more »

Fit Touirst: Los Angeles

by Erin Belair More than twenty four million people visit Los Angeles for vacation every year and the five-county area is home to over twenty million residents. So, whether you’re a local resident or visiting the city for the first time, we’ve outlined the perfect workouts for you. Have fun, work up a sweat and […]

Expedition Bhutan: A Yummy Gut Feeling Goes Big

Endurance athlete Terri Schneider leads a team trekking and mountain biking across the nation of Bhutan… more »

Sand Skiing = Inspiration = Health!

At what time in your life did you feel best? This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve had some pretty drastic highs and lows in my life, and as I reflect on these cycles I noticed a trend… inspiration.   The times in my life when I’ve been healthiest are generally the […]

WINNERS! Fit Tourist OC Contest

THANK YOU to all who entered the Fit Tourist Orange County Contest! From surfing with dolphins in Bolsa Chica to hiking in Crystal Cove State Park, there are endless opportunities for outdoor activities! We hope that whether you are a current Orange County resident or are planning your next trip, that you will put these […]

Opportunity & Conservation

I fish the waters around Durango, Colorado regularly. Those waters include one of my favorites, East Fork of Hermosa Creek. But for some reason I always pass a beautiful, narrow stretch of the upper Hermosa as I forge ahead to my regular stomping grounds further behind the ski resort and on into the canyon. This […]

Fit Tourist: Orange County

by Erin Belair Coming to Orange County for a vacation? One thing you will not find here is an excuse to not workout. With year round sun and incredible weather there are an endless array of workouts and reasons to get in gear. These are a few of the best spots to see and workout […]