Desert, Water & Adrenaline

by Tamara Jacobi 2

by Tamara Jacobi, Eco-Adventurer | I’m in the middle of the desert, drenched to the core. My heart is beating with adrenaline, and a smile is frozen on my face. I had just experienced a set of Class 4 rapids through one of the most spectacular, narrow, stretches of canyon I’ve ever seen......

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Active Travel: Rethink Your Vacation

by Mary DeLaney 7

Mary DeLaney | Travel is wonderful! It stimulates your mind and can unleash that adventurous side of you. But, I often hear women say, “I hope I can keep my weight gain under 10 pounds on my vacation.” If you are one of those gals, time to rethink your vacation. When you are browsing the guide books, choose trips where you will be active......

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Dirty Knees and Pigtails

by Tamara Jacobi 10

by Tamara Jacoby, Eco-Adventurer | I've seen photos of myself as a child. I’m always the little girl with dirty knees, pigtails and chocolate ice cream smeared on her face. Since those photos were taken every cell in my body has changed, I am no longer that person. However, last week that little girl and I were re-introduced......

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