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  • Resources for Yoga Newbies
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    Ask Hannah: Resources for Yoga Newbies

    I remember trying a yoga class for the first time. I was totally embarrassed and I had no idea what the heck was going on. But when I got out of class I was HOOKED! I was so relaxed and happy. I had to keep at it. I think this is a big thing for…

  • Bikram Yoga Tips & Thoughts
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    Ask Hannah: Bikram Yoga

    People are always asking me what each style of yoga is like and what type of yoga they should do. I will admit I have my preferences, but the questions made me realize that one of the ways I want to share yoga is to help everyone make a decision that is right for them….

  • Travel Yoga
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    Travel Yoga Practice

    Travel yoga has been on my mind lately. Late last year, my family and I temporarily relocated from Montana to London, UK. After getting ourselves settled, my yoga practice also settled into a spectacular daily routine as I took advantage of what the London yoga scene has to offer. But the month-long school holiday for…

  • Stand Up Paddle Yoga
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    Stand Up Paddle Yoga

    The sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has really taken off.  It seems everyone these days is enjoying, or would like to experience, the feeling of  “walking on water.” I just finished reading Suzie Cooney’s enlightening and informative blog on SUP, my boyfriend Adam Kelinson (author of The Athlete’s Plate – Real Food for High…

  • Embrace Vashistasana (Side Plank)

    It seems like there are as many variations of asanas (poses) as there are teachers. Each school of yoga has its own philosophy about how to proceed with the physical asana. Each teacher reinterprets it for their style and each student adjusts it to fit their body. Your good judgment and awareness of breath will…

  • Adaptive Yoga
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    Yoga Without Boundaries

    When I was younger I was so full of energy. I couldn’t stand to sit and watch TV, and whenever I could, I was out in the yard doing gymnastics, roller skating or having running races with the neighborhood boys. I was extremely physical and competitive and didn’t like having to slow down. As a…

  • Embrace Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon)
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    Embrace Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon)

    I truly love a balance pose. Not because I love balancing or because I’m good at it (balance poses are anything but effortless for me), but because after falling out of a balance pose it’s always so clear that if you keep straining, it will never happen. Balance poses are really for improving your mental…

  • Yoga for Runners
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    Yoga for Runners

    Many of my favorite yoga clients are runners. Often the runner’s initial reaction to yoga is that it is a necessary evil that they have been told will target problematic areas of their body that hinder their ability to run long distances. So they sigh and, with reluctance, show up in my studio. But eventually…

  • Yoga for the Holidays

    Is holiday stress bringing out your inner Scrooge? Looking for something (anything!) to help you stay “in the spirit”? Let us help you strike a balance with Athleta’s very own yogini, Hannah, sharing her favorite yoga poses and practices for maintaining a healthy state of mind, body and spirit…

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