5 Steps To Overcoming Your Fear Of Yoga Inversions

by Liz Arch 1

Liz Arch was named one of MindBodyGreen.com’s 2015 100 Women To Watch in Wellness. She is the creator of Primal Yoga, a hybrid of yoga and martial arts. With over 10 years of experience, her unique approach to asana merges Kung Fu with Vinyasa and Tai ...

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2015 Fitness Trends from Well + Good

by Team Athleta 4

Our friends over at Well + Good know that making a New Year’s Resolutions stick is more about adopting new habits and trying new things than swearing off all of your bad habits. Making positive changes in your life isn’t going to magically happen overnight, and ...

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Get Grounded With these 10 Yoga Poses

by Well+Good 3

Slowing down is really freaking important (we’re talking to you, workaholic)—especially if the idea of holding a yoga pose for a minute makes you crazy and impatient. Mandy Ingber, a Los Angeles-based celeb yoga instructor and author, knows how key a bit of inner life fitness is. ...

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Is Crying the New Fitness Trend?

by Christine Yu 5

We’ve all heard some iteration of the expression “Exercise is Therapy.” And it is, right? There’s nothing quite like a good, hard sweat session where you feel like you worked out more than just your body, where you’ve dumped some emotional baggage, exorcised some demons, and come ...

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5 Ways Bikram Yoga Helped Me Run A Marathon

by Jenny Fagan 1

Less than a year ago running any race, much less a marathon, didn’t even register on my bucket list.  While I have nurtured many hobbies for consecutive years, if not my entire life – art, yoga, music – my interest in running is highly episodic.  I ...

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Strike a New Yoga Pose—and Photograph It

by Well+Good 0

Make this your Healthiest Year Ever with this month’s tip from Laura “Sykora” Kasperzak, renowned yogi on Instagram and photographer. Choose a new pose to focus on over the course of a month (like any of the poses in the #BalanceBasics Yoga Challenge). Then, once a ...

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