The Pregnant Athlete

About seven months ago, three months prior to my 40th birthday, I started asking around to my slightly older female friends, “What doctors do you use for female issues? Where do I go to get my hormones checked? When you turn 40, do you feel more tired than usual? Start gaining weight?” These questions and […]

Set Your Mind To It

“Damn girl, you strong like bull!” Those were words screamed at me by my shocked Russian client when she found out that I paddled 31 miles in one race last year. Her reaction has stuck with me and brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. It’s not just because of […]


I was first introduced to stand up paddleboarding years ago when I was approached to teach Pilates on the board. Having never really paddled a board before, I was amazed to find that the board I was given to “play with” was essentially a floating yoga mat. It was wide, flat, stable, and it even […]

Why Do You Paddle?

Maybe we should make this question a monthly meditation. But really, why do you? What is it about paddling that keeps you doing it? What has it brought to your life? “Paddling” is a loose word, and I define it as simply that. Paddling. It doesn’t matter what I paddle; I just have been doing […]

Pushed to My Limits

I had just finished padding in the East Coast Champs in July 2012, when I got this text message from my friend Michael. It said, “ChattaJack 31 Race, October 13th: 31 Miles on the Tennessee River.” “You doing it?” I replied. “No,” he said, “you are.” I wasn’t so sure about that. I had been down the […]

SUP: A Gateway to Balance

Life has a way of knocking me off balance on a regular basis. With the blink of an eye, things start spiraling out of control. A few short years ago, I might have reached for the cookie jar (not an effective or healthy solution). Today, I load up my stand up paddleboard and head to […]

SUP in Maui – Aloha!

I just returned from OluKai Premium Footwear’s 3rd Annual Ho’olaule’a Stand Up Paddle Board and OC1 Races that were held May 14-15, 2011. OluKai invited me as their special guest and Athleta Ambassador, to experience the event for myself and participate in one of the paddling events. The Ho’olaule’a is a two-day ocean festival celebrating […]

Stand Up Paddle Yoga

The sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has really taken off.  It seems everyone these days is enjoying, or would like to experience, the feeling of  “walking on water.” I just finished reading Suzie Cooney’s enlightening and informative blog on SUP, my boyfriend Adam Kelinson (author of The Athlete’s Plate – Real Food for High […]

If You Never Did, You Should

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” ~Dr Seuss Happy birthday to Dr. Seuss (born March 2, 1904) and what a fantastic message to us all. As I prepare for our women’s Yoga and SUP retreat with my friend Gina Bradley (founder of Paddle Diva) here in Rincon, […]

Stand Up Paddle Surfer to Racer

Hawaii is my favorite place in the world, and those of you who have been able to experience true “aloha” spirit know why I love it so much. My husband and I enjoyed traveling there to surf before we had our two boys. Our last trip was when I was five months pregnant with our […]