The Dreaded DNF

by Elaine Howley 5

Did Not Finish. The three little words that strike fear in the hearts of endurance athletes of all stripes. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a triathlete, or a swimmer, seeing a DNF listed next to your name after an event—particularly one you’ve trained years for ...

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Tips for Open Water Swimming

by Sandy Sanders 2

As the summer continues to roll on, triathlon season is in full effect. Each new season brings with it a crop of motivated athletes trying their hand at triathlons. For many of these “newbies,” open water swimming can be the tri’s most daunting leg. For first ...

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My Own Sweet Victory

by Sandy Sanders 4

One of my goals for 2013 recently came and went. My goal was to complete the 4.4-mile Chesapeake Bay Swim. On Sunday, June 9th, I did just that. It wasn’t a pretty swim. Finishing 21-out-of-21 people in my age group was a far cry from the ...

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Set Your Mind To It

by Karen Mirlenbrink 2

“Damn girl, you strong like bull!” Those were words screamed at me by my shocked Russian client when she found out that I paddled 31 miles in one race last year. Her reaction has stuck with me and brings a smile to my face every time ...

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I Am My Fathers’ Daughter

by Elaine Howley 9

As a little kid, I was definitely a Daddy’s Girl. I fought to sit right next to him on the wide front seat of his banana yellow boat of a car and shoved my brother out to the window side anytime the three of us went ...

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by Karen Mirlenbrink 4

I was first introduced to stand up paddleboarding years ago when I was approached to teach Pilates on the board. Having never really paddled a board before, I was amazed to find that the board I was given to “play with” was essentially a floating yoga ...

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