Swim Angels

Through my Athleta sponsorship, I have had the privilege of coming into contact with some amazing women. These women come from all walks of life and represent the gambit of athleticism. Some just want to live a healthy lifestyle, while others strive for perfection on a worldwide stage. I have been fortunate to forge friendships […]

The Power of Girlfriends

Considering my time with ocean-related sports, I’m surprised that I haven’t carried my interest over to rivers. The only time I’ve ever river rafted was the summer before my last year as an undergraduate, with a handful of girlfriends on the American River. There was little rafting. It was mainly floating with a cooler or […]

Post-Achievement Blues

Achieving a goal you’ve set is an exhilarating feeling – it’s the aftermath that can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes you don’t know what to do with your extra time after it’s over, and sometimes you don’t know what to shoot for next. Right now I’m just three weeks past the ultimate goal I […]

Starting From Scratch

If there’s a theme to my athletic pursuits this year, it’s that I’ve had to let go of any proud visions of myself as a master of any one sport. That doesn’t mean that I’m not satisfied when I’ve had a particularly great day outdoors. I’ve just had to let my expectations take a back […]

Shattering Glass Ceilings

Whenever I set goals, I determine the end result and devise a plan for achieving it. In reality, things don’t always go according to my plan. Last month, I skied the U.S. Nationals and my experiences at this tournament helped me realize that I cannot anticipate all the twists in the road and what circumstances […]

SUP: A Gateway to Balance

Life has a way of knocking me off balance on a regular basis. With the blink of an eye, things start spiraling out of control. A few short years ago, I might have reached for the cookie jar (not an effective or healthy solution). Today, I load up my stand up paddleboard and head to […]

My Return to Competition

Below is my fifth blog in a series that chronicles my journey from shoulder surgery, to the 2012 Barefoot Waterski World Championships. In the last month, I’ve had wonderful things happen in my life that I share in this blog. APPRECIATING THE PROCESS Competition itself is a small piece of what it takes to be […]

Silence in Xibalba

Xibalba, the Mayan underworld, is described in the Popul Vuh as a place of fear where the dead had to traverse an obstacle course of bats, jaguars, rivers of blood and rooms of sharp knives. Cenotes, the deep limestone sinkholes scattered throughout the Mexican Maya world, were the gateways to this hellish underworld. But the […]

The Water is Wide

Clambering down a ladder in the near dark isn’t easy – hang it off the side of a fishing boat, add some rolling waves and a bobbing kayak, and you have the start of an open water swim pilot’s day. Actually, that isn’t quite true – the day starts nearly two hours earlier, as pilots […]

Cheers for the USA Women’s Water Polo Team!

Two weeks from today, the USA Women’s Water Polo Team will take on Hungary in their first game of the London 2012 Olympics. For some of the players, this will be their first time competing in the Olympics. For others, it’s another chance at earning the ultimate achievement in their sport — an Olympic gold […]