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Fitness SISSFiT

Sculpt with SISSFiT: Total Body Resistance Band Workout

Grab your resistance band, because it’s time to sweat! Today, Lauren and Kelly from SISSFiT are giving us another 20 minute total body workout. No resistance band? No problem. They demonstrate the exercise with a set of dumbbells as well.  Total Body Resistance Band…

September 21, 2017
Fitness SISSFiT

Sculpt with SISSFiT: 20-Min Total Body Chair Workout

Ditch the workout equipment and grab an ordinary kitchen chair. Get a full body workout in less than 20 minutes with Lauren and Kelly from SISSFiT. 20-Minute Full Body Chair Workout • 6 Exercises, 4 rounds, :45 each, 2-minute warm-up • Equipment: Stable, hard…

August 28, 2017