Pushing Past Limits

It’s interesting to me, this whole world of Paralympics. It’s not something that I ever saw myself doing, even though I have had my physical circumstance since birth.  I never really saw myself as having a ‘disability’ and I have always believed that I can do whatever it is that I want, as long as […]

Clothes, Fast and Slow

A while ago I went on a few dates with a retired professional baseball player. I met him while I was soaking my legs in an icy river after a long run. There were a couple of young guys near me, fishing in a half-hearted way, and we started chatting. Turns out they were rookie-league […]

Girls on the Run Style

Alright, let’s face it. There are as many variations in style, intention and motivation as there are people who do it.  And yes… I’ll admit my motivation for running has changed over the years. Some years I ran to maintain my health. Other years it was a sneaky attempt to meet guys. Then of course, […]

Horses and Dogs and Sports, Oh My!

When you participate in a niche sport, you can expect to unearth a small cadre of hardcore participants. Because more is sometimes better, especially when it comes to competition, and because enthusiasm likes to spread, people involved in fringier endeavors tend to proselytize, to seek to bring new members into their fold. Unlike with professional […]

The Road

I am so thrilled to be an Athleta Sponsored Athlete this year! My delight at receiving this improbable honor and being included among such amazing women is only surpassed by my excitement for training women from my Upper East Side New York store to participate in the More+Fitness Women’s Half Marathon this April.  I could […]

Early Morning Runs

I am SO a morning person. One day last week, while driving my children to a doctor’s appointment I had conveniently (for me anyway) scheduled at 7:45 a.m., my son commented out of the blue, half-dozing, half awake. “I just don’t know why you do that.” Hank is in tenth grade. “I just don’t know […]

The Ultimate Gut Check

I wonder how many race decision are made under the influence of alcohol. I was already three kir royals deep, celebrating Devon’s epic finish at the Olympic Trials in Houston, when conversation turned my direction. “So are you doing San Diego?” I am sitting with Devon Crosby Helms, Larissa Polischuk, Nathan Yanko, Brett Rivers, Georgia Young, and […]

Imposter Syndrome

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t suffer from some form or degree of imposter syndrome. For me, it started with an acceptance to a university my guidance counselor said I had zero chance of getting into. I spent four years there thinking that someone made a mistake by letting me in. Years later, when […]

My Favorite Run Areas

When I am training for a triathlon, I need to find areas to run at different distances. I am very fortunate to have numerous different run areas close to my home. For track sessions I can go two blocks to the track at Carlmont High School in Belmont. The track has a nice rubberized surface […]

Smart Girls Run

“As a coach, do you think people would be interested in hiring someone who isn’t a speedster?” A friend of mine posed this question… more »