One Run at a Time

by Team Athleta 4

In April of this year, we were honored to host a Mother’s Day Contest for All Mothering Spirits. One of the five winners, Ronnie Bower, instantly touched us with her goal to train for and run a marathon so her son could see her struggle, see ...

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Do Not Look Up!

by Kelley Heye 6

I’m gonna be honest. It makes me sad when people tell me they won’t go on a certain run/ride or enter an event because it’s too “hilly.” I hear way too often, “I hate hills!” I can’t begin to explain what goes on in my head ...

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Obstacle Running Fun

by Sandy Sanders 5

Obstacle Running – Leaping Fun times in Multiple Bounds Ok, what if I told you that you could get a spa mud treatment, knock out an AWESOME workout, relive the fun of childhood, AND walk away feeling like the badarse you are, ready to scale every ...

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Boston 04-15-13

by Rachel Toor 11

The years I don’t go, it feels like I’m missing a party. I get texts and emails and photos in the weeks and days before the race. I get invitations to gatherings and receptions. I feel left out. And then, on race day, I sit at ...

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A World Record in Antarctica, and Much More

by Winter Vinecki 6

THE JOURNEY BEGINS They say the Drake Passage has the roughest seas in the world. Today’s 60-knot winds and 35-foot waves reassured us of that fact. We clung to items being thrown across the ship and struggled to keep our footing. Somehow it seems we have ...

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