First Steps

Let’s begin by admitting that when you start, it’s bloody awful. After you lace up your new running shoes for the first time, step into your short shorts with the built-in panties, pull on a tee-shirt made of recycled plastic bottles or some other technical material that will, eventually, start to stink in the armpits […]

Running the Trails of Chinggis Khaan

I spent a week in August in a Ger, the Mongolian term for a Russian yurt, in remote northern Mongolia. Morning views were of the sunrise over Lake Hovsgol, the “Mother Lake,” with the reflection of the distant mountains painted across the still water. The mornings were so quite, that if one looked hard enough, […]

Running the “Toughest Marathon in the World” at Age 14

“You’re too young.” “You can’t run our marathon, but you can run our 5K.” “Wait until you get older.” “You must be 18 years old.” “NO!” Over and over, these are the responses that I got when I was seeking a marathon in South America as part of my World Marathon Tour for Prostate Cancer Awareness. My […]

The Red Tent

If your race is going well, you probably don’t even notice the red tents along the way. Filled with cheering, expectant volunteers often wearing red, they are tucked in separate from water or GU stations, right along the path every few miles, especially near that steep hill and the finish line. Normally you’ll run right […]

What Becomes a Legend Most?

It’s easy to spot Nikki Kimball in a crowd, even in a crowd of super-fit runners. Her auburn hair is unruly, her pale skin wallpapered in freckles. She’s boisterous, laughs easily, and loudly.  Nikki Kimball is super-fit, but also sturdy, solid, and short. Her thighs are brawny. She loves bacon and burgers. We both moved […]

One Run at a Time

In April of this year, we were honored to host a Mother’s Day Contest for All Mothering Spirits. One of the five winners, Ronnie Bower, instantly touched us with her goal to train for and run a marathon so her son could see her struggle, see her want to give up, but ultimately watch her […]

Six Ways to Improve Your Running by Not Running

I remember I was working at a gym. A lanky couple came in inquiring about membership. I was going to give them a tour when they said, “We just want to know how many treadmills you have.” So I told them and proceeded to tell them about some other features of the gym. “That’s OK,” […]

Do Not Look Up!

I’m gonna be honest. It makes me sad when people tell me they won’t go on a certain run/ride or enter an event because it’s too “hilly.” I hear way too often, “I hate hills!” I can’t begin to explain what goes on in my head when I hear those words. So, before my brain […]

Obstacle Running Fun

Obstacle Running – Leaping Fun times in Multiple Bounds Ok, what if I told you that you could get a spa mud treatment, knock out an AWESOME workout, relive the fun of childhood, AND walk away feeling like the badarse you are, ready to scale every wall within sight – all from doing a single […]

Boston 04-15-13

The years I don’t go, it feels like I’m missing a party. I get texts and emails and photos in the weeks and days before the race. I get invitations to gatherings and receptions. I feel left out. And then, on race day, I sit at the computer and look up bib numbers. I read […]