7 White-Hot Mat Workouts

by Well+Good 0

Who needs a high-tech Megaformer or Fitwall when you’ve got arms, legs, and a mat? While forward-thinking workout machines are more popular than ever, a back-to-basics (but better) movement is also taking place, with workouts that require nothing more than a rectangle of (cushioned) space and ...

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Pilates Summer Series

by Robin Long 20

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to slip into your bikini and hit the beach. If you’re hoping to up your confidence and strength prior to showing off your summer skin, you’re in luck. Athleta and I have teamed up to ...

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Strength Train at Your Desk

by Well+Good 1

Make this your Healthiest Year Ever with fitness expert and founder of www.barre3.com, Sadie Lincoln… “Sometimes you have to be strategic about slipping in a workout. Like doing it at work. Getting up from your desk to do a bit of strength training in the staff ...

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Pilates for Life

by Karen Mirlenbrink 0

When you first think of Pilates, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I believe that most people see it as simply exercises that work your abs. Maybe some people think of it a little more broad, like core-focused fitness, but I have found ...

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by Karen Mirlenbrink 4

I was first introduced to stand up paddleboarding years ago when I was approached to teach Pilates on the board. Having never really paddled a board before, I was amazed to find that the board I was given to “play with” was essentially a floating yoga ...

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Pilates on the Go: Side Kick Series

by Tara Krolczyk 1

by Tara Krolczyk, Featured Athlete | As we get older and less mobile due to lifestyle changes, some of us may notice less agility and flexibility of joints and muscles. Don't throw in the towel and go with the most accessible excuse, "I'm just getting old." There's still hope --- you can gain flexibility and mobility back in your joints and muscles at any age, and the Side Kick Series is a great way to get started......

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