A Side of Yoga

by Margaret Burns Vap 1

We spend a lot of time in yoga forward bending and back bending, but side bending is equally important for a well-balanced practice. We don’t often think about being tense in our sides, but like every other nook and cranny of our body, our sides accumulate ...

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What’s Next?

by Winter Vinecki 4

On November 10th I set a world record by becoming the youngest person in the world to run a marathon on all seven continents. A record set not for me, but in memory of my dad and the one in six men affected by prostate cancer. ...

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How to Prep For Your First 10K or Half Marathon

by Well+Good 2

Sure, running’s a pretty low-key sport. Lace up your shoes and go. So how come there are a million little “what to dos” that come up once you’ve planned a goal to run a little farther every day—either for a race or the shear joy of ...

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Why We Run

by Christine Yu 8

Run to think. Run to reflect. Run to celebrate. Run to commune. Run to heal. Run to grieve. Run to honor. Run to rebuild. Run to breathe. Run to run. There are so many reasons why we run aside from just building a stronger cardiovascular system ...

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Spring Into a 5k Challenge

by Sandy Sanders 2

So you want to do your first 5k, but aren’t sure where to start in terms of training? Running isn’t something that has to be taught, per se, because running is a pretty instinctual skill.  Put most people in a dark alley with a loud bang ...

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Learn to Swim

by Elaine Howley 5

Until recently, I never had a good sense of just how lucky I am that my parents made knowing how to swim such a priority for my brother and me when we were kids. I started taking lessons when I was 18 months old, and by ...

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