Working Out in the Rain

Really? You’re gonna make me workout in the rain?! George Hincapie said: “Enduring those cold and rainy training days, are the days that get you to your goal.” I love George Hincapie! If you don’t know who George is, Google him. My clients like to ask, “What if it rains? Will we still workout?” My […]

Worth Every Mile

“Mommy, is it time? Are you going for your run?” It’s 5:30am on the morning of my marathon and I am obviously failing to sneak out of the hotel room without waking my son. I should have known he’d be up–he’s as excited about today as I am. Today is the day he gets to see his […]

My Amazing Tri

This past summer I competed in the US Triathlon Olympic Distance National Championships and had one of the most amazing experiences. I had the opportunity to race against the best of the best. Was I intimidated? Definitely. Was it awesome? MOST definitely. Because of my love of mud runs with non-competitive PARTY atmospheres, I’d slowly […]

What Not to Wear: Open Water Swimming Edition

Because of open water’s specific set of challenges and conditions, selecting the right suit for the adventure is paramount to your success. My training partner, Jonathan, has become an excellent open water swimmer in short order, largely because he’s a very thoughtful athlete who researches every detail in advance of selecting a challenge to complete. That […]

I Did It

I just participated in what was probably one of the most significant and empowering experiences of my life. It was so powerful, it has been hard for me to digest it all to write this blog for you, but I am going to give it my best shot. In September, I crossed the Moloka’i Channel. […]

Salt Water

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.” – Isak Dineson This quotation is such a true statement.  I believe everyone who exercises regularly and has spent time in their life around an ocean or large body of water can truly relate to these words. We all know that exercise […]


The Fairer Sex’s Best Marathon Open Water Swims of 2013. This summer, a lot of media attention has been soaked up by a single open water swim. I’m not going to name it because I don’t want to give it yet more press, but you no doubt heard about it. The controversy that followed may […]

Expanding our Internal Rhythm Through Yoga

Since I was a kid I’ve been drawn to the intimate personal connection we can generate through movement. This internal, familiar, yet subconscious rhythm is part of what gets us up in the morning for that early morning run, a paddle on calm seas, or a pedal through the woods on our mountain bike. We […]

3 Easy Ways to Sneak in Yoga for the Tech Obsessed

My brother just celebrated his 51st birthday, and he called me to ask about relieving pain in his shoulders and neck. He’s made a career in technology in Silicon Valley, which means he is constantly in front of his computer – and now, his smart-phone, perusing apps and checking his email. Even if you don’t […]

Missing a Toenail and Proud of It!

Bruising the space between a toenail and toe is very common among runners. We’re talking about a blood blister often referred to as “runner’s toe” or “black toe.” I think of it as nasty toe, and it’s been a fact of my life for years. In fact, I hadn’t really thought much about it lately […]