Digging In

by Kristina Pinto
The other day I begrudgingly set out for a run in the pouring rain. My mood was as gray as the sky, and after about a half hour of procrastination, I was out there just to tick off the miles on my week’s training plan. Let’s just say my glass was not half full. Yet, about midway into the run, my tank made its way from half empty to half full as I remembered the rafting technique I’d learned as a total novice who was handed a paddle and some unexpected rough water…

Training at Ten Below Zero

by Holly Brooks, Nordic Ski Coach
Today is the eighth consecutive day of temperatures well below zero in my home town of Anchorage, Alaska. Because cold weather has been on my mind lately, I’ve compiled a list of tips for staying in shape during cold weather…

The Distance From SAD to Glad

by Kristina Pinto
I love being outdoors on a bright, crispy winter day–running, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing. I love the blue sky against the evergreens against the snow; the colors look as clean and pure as the air feels inside my lungs. Even though I complain ad nauseum about black ice, shoveling, and the New England ice storm that knocked down power lines for days, I know my body and spirit need winter…

Papaya Lessons

by Tamara Jacobi, Eco-Adventurer
I look up at the towering papaya trees surrounding our dipping pool. Newly planted last year, these trees had peered up at me timidly, searching for guidance. I breathe in deeply, inhaling the scent of their flowers, as though to draw inspiration as I return to commence another year of running my family’s eco-lodge on the pacific coastline…

Climbing Problems

by Shannon Mullen, Journalist & Outdoor Girl
In climbing, you learn mostly through failure,” my instructor said with a grin, “but success is that much sweeter.” I’d just fallen off the rock wall for the fifth time at an indoor climbing gym in Lander, Wyoming. The small ranching town in the Rocky Mountains is famous in this sport for its proximity to breathtaking, steep-walled canyons, towering boulders left by the glaciers that carved them, and the scores of talented athletes who come in droves to scale both…

No More Excuses

by Shannon Mullen, Journalist & Outdoor Girl
In a few days I’m leaving almost everything I know to head west in search of new challenges, with only a sketch of a plan and the freedom to ditch it entirely. I’ve always thought that I’m the type of person who needs a big catalyst to make a decision like this, some life-altering event. Instead all it took was admitting to myself that I’ve stopped learning where I am, mostly because I can’t see past my limits…

Outdoor Yoga: Poses for Hikers

by Margaret Burns Vap, Big Sky Yoga Retreats
Hiking is a great reminder to have fun when you exercise. We do it not just for the health benefits, but also for enjoyment. Health-wise, it’s great to get outside and into nature, and there’s the body and mind benefits of the long, low-intensity cardio workout from a good solid hike. So what else do you need to add to this almost-perfect mix? Yoga, of course.