Yosemite: My First Trainer

by Harriet Anderson 5

My first time doing any type of endurance activity came when I worked in Yosemite National Park when I was in college in 1956. I had fallen in love with Yosemite when I first went up there in the late 1940’s. I had wanted to work ...

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Urban Outdoor Fitness

by Tina Vindum 9

Blast into Spring and Get Ready for Summer with Urban Workouts It may come as a surprise, but urban workouts can be inspiring places to exercise, full of challenges and stimulation, along with the results that no gym can deliver. There are lots of reasons to ...

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Reduce Stress in the Great Outdoors

by Tina Vindum 14

It’s the first nice day in more than a week. After days and days of rain, people on the street seem to be less stressed — smiling more, interacting more, and making eye contact. What is it about being outdoors—especially on a nice day? There’s Power ...

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Winter Fitness: Adapting to the Elements

by Tina Vindum 0

by Tina Vindum, Outdoor Fitness Expert | We have a saying at Outdoor Fitness: There’s no such thing as inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Since 1995, I’ve canceled only two classes because of weather---one due to high winds and the other due to lightning. Outdoor Fitness is made for all seasons......

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An Introduction to Outdoor Fitness

by Tina Vindum 16

by Tina Vindum, Outdoor Fitness Expert | I remember distinctly the moment my approach to fitness was transformed. As both a former Alpine skier and competitive mountain biker, I had spent years of my life in a gym. Training and keeping fit was my job. Over time, I had been growing increasingly frustrated with training in the static indoor environment: those workout rooms full of stationary bikes and treadmills, weight machines and fluorescent lights. Working out day after day, I could feel my mind and body going numb in this dull, oxygen-deprived, monochromatic environment. It was also getting harder and harder to really test and challenge my body......

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The Art of Sea Kayaking

by Tamara Jacobi 1

by Tamara Jacobi, Eco-Adventurer | There aren’t many moments in my busy life where I’m perfectly happy sitting in one place and watching the world go by in silence. However, when you seat me in a sea kayak and give me a push out into the big blue ocean, my perspective on life seems to change......

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