Winter Fitness: Adapting to the Elements

by Tina Vindum 0

by Tina Vindum, Outdoor Fitness Expert | We have a saying at Outdoor Fitness: There’s no such thing as inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Since 1995, I’ve canceled only two classes because of weather---one due to high winds and the other due to lightning. Outdoor Fitness is made for all seasons......

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An Introduction to Outdoor Fitness

by Tina Vindum 16

by Tina Vindum, Outdoor Fitness Expert | I remember distinctly the moment my approach to fitness was transformed. As both a former Alpine skier and competitive mountain biker, I had spent years of my life in a gym. Training and keeping fit was my job. Over time, I had been growing increasingly frustrated with training in the static indoor environment: those workout rooms full of stationary bikes and treadmills, weight machines and fluorescent lights. Working out day after day, I could feel my mind and body going numb in this dull, oxygen-deprived, monochromatic environment. It was also getting harder and harder to really test and challenge my body......

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The Art of Sea Kayaking

by Tamara Jacobi 1

by Tamara Jacobi, Eco-Adventurer | There aren’t many moments in my busy life where I’m perfectly happy sitting in one place and watching the world go by in silence. However, when you seat me in a sea kayak and give me a push out into the big blue ocean, my perspective on life seems to change......

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What’s SUP? A Guide to Stand Up Paddling

by Tara Krolczyk 10

by Tara Krolczyk, Fitness Professional
The number one question we seem to get when on the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards from observers; "Hey is that easy to do?" The answer like anything else, all depends on what you're willing to try and commit to, but most people find it simple and fun to learn......

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Breathe. Feel. Trust. Giddy Up.

by Margaret Burns Vap 5

There are many similarities between practicing yoga and riding a horse, which is how Cowgirl Yoga, a merging of horses and yoga, came about. Despite the similarities, there is one very, very big difference between yoga and riding: when you practice yoga you are on your ...

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Outdoor Yoga: Poses for Hikers

by Margaret Burns Vap 12

Hiking is a great reminder to have fun when you exercise. We do it not just for the health benefits, but also for enjoyment. There’s a feeling of accomplishment when you hike a trail, especially one with a destination that includes a natural landmark like a ...

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