Sports Conditioning with SAQ

by Tina Vindum 13

Remember how quick and agile you were as a child?  You ran flat out on the playground, darting and dodging the other kids in games of tag.  You were having fun, but you were also building valuable sports skills. Speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) are basic ...

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Geocaching: Will Hike for Treasure

by Amy Annis 4

Ask a child if they want to go for a walk through the woods and you will likely get a less than enthusiastic response.  Tell them that there is a hidden treasure involved and you have clues and the tools to find it and you will ...

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Yosemite: My First Trainer

by Harriet Anderson 5

My first time doing any type of endurance activity came when I worked in Yosemite National Park when I was in college in 1956. I had fallen in love with Yosemite when I first went up there in the late 1940’s. I had wanted to work ...

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Urban Outdoor Fitness

by Tina Vindum 9

Blast into Spring and Get Ready for Summer with Urban Workouts It may come as a surprise, but urban workouts can be inspiring places to exercise, full of challenges and stimulation, along with the results that no gym can deliver. There are lots of reasons to ...

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Reduce Stress in the Great Outdoors

by Tina Vindum 14

It’s the first nice day in more than a week. After days and days of rain, people on the street seem to be less stressed — smiling more, interacting more, and making eye contact. What is it about being outdoors—especially on a nice day? There’s Power ...

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Winter Fitness: Adapting to the Elements

by Tina Vindum 0

by Tina Vindum, Outdoor Fitness Expert | We have a saying at Outdoor Fitness: There’s no such thing as inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Since 1995, I’ve canceled only two classes because of weather---one due to high winds and the other due to lightning. Outdoor Fitness is made for all seasons......

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