Breathe. Feel. Trust. Giddy Up.

by Margaret Burns Vap 5

by Margaret Burns Vap, Big Sky Yoga Retreats
There are many similarities between practicing yoga and riding a horse, which is how Cowgirl Yoga, a merging of horses and yoga, came about. Despite the similarities, there is one very, very big difference between yoga and riding: when you practice yoga you are on your mat, an inanimate object; when you ride a horse, you are on a living being that possesses its own feelings, intuition and instinct......

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Outdoor Yoga: Poses for Hikers

by Margaret Burns Vap 12

Hiking is a great reminder to have fun when you exercise. We do it not just for the health benefits, but also for enjoyment. There’s a feeling of accomplishment when you hike a trail, especially one with a destination that includes a natural landmark like a ...

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