Working Out in the Rain

Really? You’re gonna make me workout in the rain?! George Hincapie said: “Enduring those cold and rainy training days, are the days that get you to your goal.” I love George Hincapie! If you don’t know who George is, Google him. My clients like to ask, “What if it rains? Will we still workout?” My […]

5 New Things for Summer (Plus a Giveaway!)

SEPTEMBER 5th UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who contributed by sharing your ideas for an action and adventure-packed summer! Entries closed at midnight Pacific Time on August 31st. We’re excited to announce the five random winners who will receive a $50 Athleta gift card — Erica, Nicole, Aimee, Amy, and Lisa. All winners have been contacted […]

Take Your Workouts Outside and On the Go

It’s been a long, long… long winter for many parts of the country, but warm weather is finally here, so get outside and enjoy it! Warm weather is good for more than BBQs and lazy days on the beach. There are thousands of ways to get in a fun and effective workout outdoors – and […]

Sand Skiing = Inspiration = Health!

At what time in your life did you feel best? This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve had some pretty drastic highs and lows in my life, and as I reflect on these cycles I noticed a trend… inspiration.   The times in my life when I’ve been healthiest are generally the […]

Sports Conditioning with SAQ

Remember how quick and agile you were as a child?  You ran flat out on the playground, darting and dodging the other kids in games of tag.  You were having fun, but you were also building valuable sports skills. Speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) are basic fundamentals for alpine sports performance, as well as the […]

Geocaching: Will Hike for Treasure

Ask a child if they want to go for a walk through the woods and you will likely get a less than enthusiastic response.  Tell them that there is a hidden treasure involved and you have clues and the tools to find it and you will experience a vastly different reaction….they  will probably beat you […]

Yosemite: My First Trainer

My first time doing any type of endurance activity came when I worked in Yosemite National Park when I was in college in 1956. I had fallen in love with Yosemite when I first went up there in the late 1940’s. I had wanted to work in Yosemite and I was offered a job working […]

Multi-Site Workout: Urban Neighborhood or Downtown Plaza

Workout Snapshot Time: 45-60 minutes Location: Urban Neighborhood or Downtown Plaza Props: Steps and stairs, low wall or bench, and a curb or parking stop. Purpose: Muscular Strength and Endurance, Cardio, Full Body and Core Strength, Multi-Directional Movement, Balance and Agility,   Proprioceptive Awareness, Kinesthetic Awareness, Mental Focus. The props you’ll need for this multi-site workout […]

Urban Outdoor Fitness

Blast into Spring and Get Ready for Summer with Urban Workouts It may come as a surprise, but urban workouts can be inspiring places to exercise, full of challenges and stimulation, along with the results that no gym can deliver. There are lots of reasons to take your fitness regimen out of the gym: fresh […]

Reduce Stress in the Great Outdoors

It’s the first nice day in more than a week. After days and days of rain, people on the street seem to be less stressed — smiling more, interacting more, and making eye contact. What is it about being outdoors—especially on a nice day? There’s Power Out There! Why is it so important for us […]