Health and Fitness Benefits of Kickboxing

When I tell women that I teach kickboxing, I often hear, “I’d love to get into that.” Now that MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is so hot, more and more women want to participate. And why not, kickboxing is a fantastic workout. Mastering the art of a punch or kick is as beautiful as any yoga […]

Helping Hands

Ever since I found out I was chosen to be a Sponsored Athlete, I have been looking deep into my heart and soul about what I should contribute to the Chi blog. Since I teach karate and self-defense to little and big girls, the natural choice would be to write about those topics. But I […]

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Over the years, I have read many articles on the benefits of the martial arts for all sorts of kids. Autistic children, kids diagnosed with ADHD, kids who need to work on discipline, the list goes on. This is an entry not only from the perspective of a parent of a martial arts kid, but […]

Intro to Self Defense for Women

A burglary occurs every 12 seconds, an assault occurs every 29 seconds, a rape occurs every 5 minutes, and a murder occurs every 24 minutes. The majority of us know someone, know of someone or ourselves have either been physically confronted or felt “unsafe” at some point in our life. We like to think it […]

The “Art” of the Martial Arts

When I started in the martial arts, over six years ago now, I did it to have fun with my (then) four year-old son.  I’ve always been an athletic person, but the martial arts was not something I ever really considered doing.  Growing up in a traditional Asian-American household, it was uncommon for girls to […]