4 Kettlebell Moves for a Total Body Workout

by Julia Zammito 3

Get a total body workout with kettlebells in just 20 to 30 minutes! Are you sick of your same old workout? Or do you tend to focus on the same favorite areas and neglect others? Then mix it up with kettlebells. You’ll get an amazing, full-body ...

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Don’t Fear Strong

by Mayachela (Maya) Garcia, CSCS | While most women know that we need to build strength for long term health, many of us still fear the "perceived" consequences of being strong. Based on my experience there is still a misconception that lifting weights will work against our weight loss efforts and eventually lead to bulky boyish bodies......

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IC Kettlebell Girls on Top of the World

by Team Athleta 0

First All Female Kettlebell Sport Team Takes Silver & Gold | The 2010 World Kettlebell Lifting Championship took place in Chicago on August 7th. Once again, the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls went home with a pocket full of hard-earned medals......

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