Fueling Life’s Grand Adventures

Every once in awhile, you need to do something that makes you feel fully alive. Every Memorial Day weekend, I take an annual trek in a mountainous area east of Seattle. Near as we have been able to guess, this trek is 14.5-16 miles long, depending on how lost we get. At higher altitudes, the […]

Geocaching: Will Hike for Treasure

Ask a child if they want to go for a walk through the woods and you will likely get a less than enthusiastic response.  Tell them that there is a hidden treasure involved and you have clues and the tools to find it and you will experience a vastly different reaction….they  will probably beat you […]

Yosemite: My First Trainer

My first time doing any type of endurance activity came when I worked in Yosemite National Park when I was in college in 1956. I had fallen in love with Yosemite when I first went up there in the late 1940’s. I had wanted to work in Yosemite and I was offered a job working […]

On Top of the World

I froze outside room 202 peering in, checking my schedule, checking the room number.  Something wasn’t right.  The weights weren’t attached to machines, but were clanking around and being propelled by pure manpower. How could I have registered for the wrong PE class?  This wasn’t the kind of surprise I was expecting my first day […]

Soaking up the Heat in Yellowstone’s Backcountry

by Dina Mishev, Featured Athlete | Confession time. I have lived in Jackson Hole for 13 years without ever venturing into the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park. Of course I had hit Old Faithful, Mammoth, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and all the rest of the sights you can see without venturing more than 100 feet from your car.

The Arizona Trail

by Dina Mishev, Featured Athlete | In the 1970s, Dale Shewalter dreamed of a trail stretching the length of Arizona, 800-some miles, from the state’s border with Mexico to its border with Utah. In 1985, Shewalter quit his teaching job to spend the year walking the state south to north to get a feel for where this dreamed-of trail of his might go…

Outdoor Yoga: Poses for Hikers

by Margaret Burns Vap, Big Sky Yoga Retreats
Hiking is a great reminder to have fun when you exercise. We do it not just for the health benefits, but also for enjoyment. Health-wise, it’s great to get outside and into nature, and there’s the body and mind benefits of the long, low-intensity cardio workout from a good solid hike. So what else do you need to add to this almost-perfect mix? Yoga, of course.