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  • Melanie Webb
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    Don’t Overthink It

    “Don’t overthink it,” he told me again. “I swear,” I thought, “if this guy says that to me one more time…” My humility threshold was being tested. I had come to a new training studio to learn, to progress, and to push my game to a new level. Up until that point in 2008 I’d…

  • Melanie Webb
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    Operation: Bali Body

    I recently received an offer I could not refuse to visit Amankila and Amandari in Bali, Indonesia. I have only seven days to go before my first tropical luxury vacation! As I start to pull out the bikini’s I haven’t worn since summer it hits me – only seven days to go until Bali! Gasp….

  • Sports Conditioning with Speed, Agility and Quickness
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    Sports Conditioning with SAQ

    Remember how quick and agile you were as a child?  You ran flat out on the playground, darting and dodging the other kids in games of tag.  You were having fun, but you were also building valuable sports skills. Speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) are basic fundamentals for alpine sports performance, as well as the…

  • The Ebb & Flow of Fitness
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    The Ebb and Flow of Fitness

    I draw my inspiration from women who challenge boundaries and push through their limitations. Here, on the Chi, we read stories of women who have overcome a variety of obstacles to find their selves lapping in the joy of fitness… more »

  • Defining Your Own Prenatal Success
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    Defining Your Own Prenatal Success

    There is no shortage of prenatal exercise advice out there these days.  Opinions can range from walking to yoga, while some physicians prefer that you do absolutely nothing but rest.  Searching online only provides more proof that there is no consensus on the subject matter, especially for fit women.  So what is the proper exercise…

  • A Yogini Tries TRX
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    A Yogini Tries TRX

    You might think that a person so vested in her yoga practice wouldn’t think twice about attending the newest exercise trend in her hometown. And at first I think I did mutter a little “hmpff” to myself when some of my yoga clients first began talking about their TRX experiences. But I kept my smug…

  • Water Running
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    Water Running: Not Just for the Injured

    Some consider it a dirty word. For many, it belongs on the obligatory to-do list, right up there with flossing teeth and cleaning out the gutters. Cross-training. Why has cross-training gotten such a bad rap? Let’s face it – most of us are creatures of habit. We like the familiar — that which we are…

  • Don’t Fear Strong

    by Mayachela (Maya) Garcia, CSCS | While most women know that we need to build strength for long term health, many of us still fear the “perceived” consequences of being strong. Based on my experience there is still a misconception that lifting weights will work against our weight loss efforts and eventually lead to bulky boyish bodies…

  • Cross Training and Injury Prevention

    by Mary DeLaney, Featured Athlete | When people ask me what I do to stay fit, I reply “it depends on the season.” Participating in a variety of sports not only keeps all my muscle groups working, but also it stimulates my mind…

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