Tackle your next fitness challenge

by Team Athleta 0

It’s that time of the year again when New Year’s resolutions to try a new workout or train for your first 5K seem like a distant memory. What better way to re-energize your resolutions than with an amazing fitness challenge in your area? Athleta is sponsoring ...

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Fit Minute With Julie “Jaws” Nelson

by Team Athleta 2

Today we’re interviewing Julie “Jaws” Nelson, sought-after NYC spin instructor and once-upon-a-time Broadway dancer. 28 and accomplished in everything from bootcamp to ballet, she’s our go-to for taking on any challenge in any sport. What’s your go-to workout right now? SoulCycle and Vinyasa Yoga. But lately ...

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2015 Fitness Trends from Well + Good

by Team Athleta 4

Our friends over at Well + Good know that making a New Year’s Resolutions stick is more about adopting new habits and trying new things than swearing off all of your bad habits. Making positive changes in your life isn’t going to magically happen overnight, and ...

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Why We Don’t Count Calories

by barre3 1

Have you been counting calories in an effort to lose weight? One of the first things you’ll notice about the barre3 Nutrition Philosophy is that we don’t count calories. Here’s why: First off, losing weight and being healthy is more than a matter of calories in, ...

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Paradise on Earth: SCUBA Diving St. Thomas

by Rachel Rudwall 0

I think the world’s a pretty spectacular place, and I imagine you’ll agree. From snow-dusted mountains to alien deserts, and from the majesty of ancient forests to the tropical shores of the equator, it’s all pretty breathtaking. Those landscapes, however, make up just a tiny portion of our planet! 71% ...

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