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  • Christina Russell Ski Stretches
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    Stretches for Skiers

    To stretch or not to stretch… that is the question. We all know that feeling of tightness in muscles that have been overworked… that readiness to go ‘ping’ if we just so much as sneeze or move the wrong way. We KNOW that tight, tense muscles feel vulnerable. Inflexibility also plays a role in creating…

  • Jill Robinson kayaking Laguna del Inca Featured
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    Starting From Scratch

    If there’s a theme to my athletic pursuits this year, it’s that I’ve had to let go of any proud visions of myself as a master of any one sport. That doesn’t mean that I’m not satisfied when I’ve had a particularly great day outdoors. I’ve just had to let my expectations take a back…

  • Beyond the Bruises

    When you enjoy many different sports, it can be a difficult task to stay competent at all of them over the years—especially when those sports depend on seasons or destinations away from home. I learned to snowboard 14 years ago. It was one of those sports I learned fairly quickly, and the excitement that came…

  • Niche Sports - by Rachel Toor
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    Horses and Dogs and Sports, Oh My!

    When you participate in a niche sport, you can expect to unearth a small cadre of hardcore participants. Because more is sometimes better, especially when it comes to competition, and because enthusiasm likes to spread, people involved in fringier endeavors tend to proselytize, to seek to bring new members into their fold. Unlike with professional…

  • Après-Ski Asana

    The return of ski season means sore muscles that are trying to remember all the right moves (you want me to do what?!). Many other activities emphasize the importance of what you do to warm-up, and while I’m not negating that for skiing (in fact, we do a heat-building yoga practice before we head out…

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