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  • How to prep for your first 10K or Half Marathon
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    How to Prep For Your First 10K or Half Marathon

    Sure, running’s a pretty low-key sport. Lace up your shoes and go. So how come there are a million little “what to dos” that come up once you’ve planned a goal to run a little farther every day—either for a race or the shear joy of it. Like, what do you do about your house…

  • The Only 4 Things you Need to Know About Running - Jacqueline Judge
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    The Only 4 Things You Need to Know About Running

    To everyone already running out there, you’re hip to what makes running so can’t-go-without. To everyone else on the fence who hasn’t run since grade school (and only during dodge ball), this list is for you. 1. It gets better. You might be surprised to hear this, but running is –gasp- hard (I know, I…

  • 10 Signs You're a Runner
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    10 Signs You’re a Runner (aka. Awesome)

    1. You run. Okay, this might be obvious (okay, it’s REALLY obvious). But it’s still an important distinction. Before, going for walks was a fulfilling experience. Now, you can’t help but speed it up a little (even if you’re not wearing the right shoes). Walking just feels so… inefficient. You got a taste for speed…

  • Rachel Toor - The Thirteener Manifesto
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    The Thirteener Manifesto

    Five miles into what turned out to be, in perfect coincidence, a thirteen mile trail run, my friend, Dean, still running perkily after completing a tough 100 mile race a week before, an insanely hard 50K two weeks before that, and nabbing a fifth place finish at a 50 miler the previous month, said, a…

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    I Am a Cold Weather Runner

    It is a rarity in Central Georgia that the temperatures dip into the single digits, but it can and does happen. The arctic blast that is hammering the rest of the country with frigid cold temperatures has even affected us here. The recorded temperature is currently 11 degrees, but when you factor in the wind…

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    A World Record – A Dream Realized

    I’m sitting on a plane on the long journey back home from Athens by way of Frankfurt, Germany. I’m fulfilled, happy, sore, exhausted and a bit overwhelmed at the thought of having achieved a dream. Catching a dream, like catching butterflies as a kid. Catching a dream, like the dream catcher that hangs over my…

  • Rachel Toor - Girls on the Run 5k in Chicago
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    Girls on the Run 5K in Chicago

    When you get an email from one of your oldest friends asking you to join her and the nine-year-old who calls you Auntie Rachel to come to Chicago for her first 5K, you can’t not go. Earlier this fall Val sent me a message about a conversation she’d had with her daughter Ivy that morning….

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    Worth Every Mile

    “Mommy, is it time? Are you going for your run?” It’s 5:30am on the morning of my marathon and I am obviously failing to sneak out of the hotel room without waking my son. I should have known he’d be up–he’s as excited about today as I am. Today is the day he gets to see his…

  • Kelley Heye - Missing a Toenail and Proud of it!
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    Missing a Toenail and Proud of It!

    Bruising the space between a toenail and toe is very common among runners. We’re talking about a blood blister often referred to as “runner’s toe” or “black toe.” I think of it as nasty toe, and it’s been a fact of my life for years. In fact, I hadn’t really thought much about it lately…

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