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The Power Of She

The Power Of She

Meet Athleta Ambassador: Lacey Shelton

Athleta Ambassador Lacey Shelton starting camping before she could walk. Today, she celebrates those same adventurous values with her family. Below, she talks about enjoying life in nature with her husband and daughter, and the importance of connecting to the outdoors. You and your…

September 25, 2017
The Power Of She

Going Beyond Mom

Born out of her popular website Beyond Mom, Athleta Ambassador Randi Zinn has written a new book for mothers looking to jump-start their business ideas by finding a connection from within. Below, she talks about her inspiration for the book, and gives tips on…

September 20, 2017
The Power Of She

The Power of She on Fire in Iceland

Athleta Brand Ambassador and MOJO Active Adventures Founder Molly Mathis recently lead 16 women on a 7-day trek through Iceland. She took our cold-weather Rock Springs Jacket with her to stay warm and cozy through ice climbing, river wading, and waterfall spotting. One of…

September 14, 2017
The Power Of She

The Power of the Collective

Here at Athleta, we understand how you live. You go from bike commute to morning meeting. Yoga class to lunch date. Climbing gym to grocery store. Squeezing the most out of life calls for clothes that stretch as far as you do. We get…

September 1, 2017
The Power Of She

5 Rituals for a Healthy Self-Image

Athleta Ambassador Sarah Ezrin’s healthy self-image journey has taken her through peaks and valleys. Below, she shares how she transformed from an insecure calorie counter to a confident motivator, writer, yoga teacher, and teacher trainer. Photography By: Samuel Henderson Growing up, I loved fashion and…

August 19, 2017
The Power Of She

Meet Ernestine: Not Your Average 81 Year Old

Meet Ernestine Shepherd. She’s a personal trainer, professional model, competitive bodybuilder, and she’s 81 years old. In 2010, she was crowned the World’s Oldest Performing Female Bodybuilder by Guinness. Today, we caught up with her and asked a few questions about her fitness career…

July 30, 2017
The Power Of She

Discovering the Power of She in Baja, Mexico

Meet the women who won the Athleta Contest: Kelly, Samantha, and Juliet. These lovely ladies posted incredible photos of their adventures on Instagram and were given the opportunity to visit Baja, Mexico. Their guests: Grace, Sherri, and Marian were the lucky friends that got…

July 28, 2017
The Power Of She

Athleta Adventure to Mexico

Remember the contest we held to win a trip to Baja, Mexico? Here’s what happened: Three winners and their lucky guests traveled from all over the US to go on an Athleta adventure of a lifetime! Our amazing sponsor, Polygiene hosted a magical trip, along…

July 25, 2017
The Power Of She

7 Ways to Be More Body Positive

Meet professional surfer and model, Bo Stanley. Her mission is to empower women at large to be strong, bold and confident. Today on the blog, she shares seven valuable ways to be kinder to our bodies and educates us why health is more important than…

July 20, 2017
The Power Of She

Athleta Ambassadors Celebrate Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day! Today on the blog, see how our Athleta Ambassadors are celebrating and what yoga means to them across the country. “Yoga has taught me that no mountain is too high to climb and that as long as we stay grounded,…

June 20, 2017