My Mother. My Inspiration.

By Linda Watts My mother. My inspiration. How she helped me to see beyond the finish line. I’m a muscular and competitive woman – just like my mother. Yet for us, there is no singular competition, event, or race that can mark who we are. We choose not to dwell on any distinct moment of […]

I Cried During Yoga

It was in the name of renewed self-care that fitness blogger Carla Binberg ‘forced’ herself to slow down, stop working, and make time for a 90 minute hot yoga class… more »

WOOT – Women On Okinawan Trails

As a military wife originally from New Zealand, I’ve had to accept that stability is no longer a word I can use in reference to my life and, as such, I’ve had to look for alternative ways to feel… more »

My Goal Race

I decided to run the More Half Marathon this year because I wanted to prove to myself that I could have a good race after a disappointing finish in the marathon I ran… more »

East Meets West Meets East

A dusty light filters through the thick, rosewood-framed glass of the second story of a renovated townhouse. I sit, legs folded, at the front of this yoga classroom… more »

The Rewards of Surfing

I didn’t have any expectations or experience surfing before going to Sayulita to attend a Las Olas Surf Safari as their 2010 Scholarship recipient…

The Courage to Try Again

I am training for Bay to Breakers, San Francisco’s classic race, in an old air hangar on an abandoned air force base. The ceiling is 100 feet above me… more »

Post Season Bonus: We are Strong

As a new kiter, this was my first full season, the first year where I could run down to the beach at any hint of wind and get some action in from early spring right through to the end of fall… more »

From Badlands to Alcatraz

by Tonja Smith-Waters | I was invited to join the PathStar mission for October of 2010. PathStar was created in 2002 to address the high diabetes rate in Native country. Dr. Nancy Iverson, a pediatrician, was inspired by the cause when she worked at the Pine Ridge Indian Hospital and found an overwhelming amount of Native people with diabetes or at a high risk for diabetes….

Your Brain: Use It or Lose It

by Tanya Maslach | It’s such old news now it seems we’ve all become de-sensitized to it: Your brain is like any other muscle. Use it or lose it. But four years ago, when my younger sister was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury I learned just how amazing, and PLASTIC, our brains really are…