Choose Your Own Destiny

It’s hard to believe I’m at the end of my year with Athleta! Time flies! If you’ve followed my blog this year, you know that I’ve written a series that captured the experiences I had as I battled through two back-to-back shoulder surgeries and scrambled to prepare for the barefoot waterski world championships. This blog […]

Maintaining a Sense of Wonder

This year has gone by unbelievably quickly. In my mind, it’s a blur of new experiences, from Israel to Australia—and nearly everywhere in between. And I’ve been honored to have Athleta Chi readers follow along with me, through snowboard bruises and swimming with saltwater crocodiles. No matter what our career, sport, or home situation, it’s […]

Moving Forward

If you take a moment to look around you and really consider the lives of the people with whom you live, work, exercise, worship, and interact with in any form on any regular basis, chances are good that there is someone close by with an incredible story of hope. Someone who was living a seemingly […]

Finish Strong Like a Kid

Something about the holiday season makes me want to put on fleece pajamas and a pair of fuzzy slippers and slide around on the hardwood floor. You, too? The smell of popcorn and cinnamon coupled with an early evening showing of the Grinch, Frosty, Rudolph or The Christmas Story (you know that great movie that […]

My Year as a Fifty-Year-Old Sponsored Athlete

Used to be, I was the youngster. I scrambled up the professional career ladder of scholarly publishing so fast that I often had a hard time getting people to believe that yes, I really was an editor from Oxford University Press, not a graduate student. I had to devise ways to make sure that wait […]

Swim Angels

Through my Athleta sponsorship, I have had the privilege of coming into contact with some amazing women. These women come from all walks of life and represent the gambit of athleticism. Some just want to live a healthy lifestyle, while others strive for perfection on a worldwide stage. I have been fortunate to forge friendships […]

Pledge to Finish Strong

It’s the end of the year.  We are wrapping up another successful Girls on the Run season, thanks to the 47,000 plus volunteers who help bring this organization to life for so many across North America. We have also enjoyed an incredibly successful partnership with Athleta.  I had the privilege to meet with the Athleta […]

Mind, Body & Spirit in Harmony

I have a confession to make – writing a blog scares me! Here, Athleta has given me this amazing opportunity to share what I’ve learned from a lifetime of exploring fitness and the outdoors, yet every time I sit down to write something to inspire you, the critical voice in my head tells me I’m […]

Winter Wonderland in Your Body & Mind

I love winter so much, but as the season approaches (wow!) I have really felt the change. What I adore about winter is also what makes it a challenging time for all of us. I love that winter teaches me about impermanence. Everything that was once luscious and green is now dead or dying off. […]

Power to the She, Molded by the He

There are many, many articles and blogs written about women in academics, sports, and business. And how their mother, grandmother, sister or best girlfriend greatly influenced and supported their achievement, helped them overcome obstacles, and made them who they are today. I, personally, have never been one of those women. This blog entry is to […]