Preparations, Failure, and Fun

I get immense satisfaction from climbing alpine routes, more than any other single activity. There is nothing quite like a waking up before dawn in the bitter cold, forcing down some coffee and a snack before heading upwards, spending the day putting out immense amounts of energy hiking my way up to the base of […]

The Pregnant Athlete

About seven months ago, three months prior to my 40th birthday, I started asking around to my slightly older female friends, “What doctors do you use for female issues? Where do I go to get my hormones checked? When you turn 40, do you feel more tired than usual? Start gaining weight?” These questions and […]

What Does Yoga Mean to Me?

Yoga is more than a powerful physical exercise to stimulate the flow of energy within the body. I think a short practice of yoga resembles the sun rising over the horizon, it opens up a new dawn of life for both nature and mankind. The subtle energy of the breath of life enable this “inner […]

I’m Normal

I’ve been told that what makes me unique is that I’m normal. That’s kind of an oxymoron. How can I be unique in that case? Normal is a relative term, and I’ve learned to embrace my normalcy. I’ve learned in my chosen profession, normal is overrated. So often we see fitness professionals that are tall, […]

The Finishing Line Effect

People love crossing finish lines. Many endurance events, such as 5K’s, triathlons and marathons, continue to gain popularity. And for many people, the thought of crossing a finish line is their sole purpose for signing up for the event. Finish lines, however, provide so much more than the achievement of crossing it. In the bigger picture, they can propel […]

Go Gluten-Free: 5 How-To Tips

I know you’ve thought about it. Maybe you’ve highly considered it or even attempted it. Most Americans have read and learned about the negative impacts gluten can have on our health. A few quick reminders of gluten’s bad reputation include its link to more than 55 health issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome, osteoporosis, and […]

I Bought My Guy Yoga Shorts

Yes, I bought him yoga shorts. I was feeling brave. I bought my guy a pair of yoga shorts for his birthday. As he unwrapped his gift I was afraid to watch the expression on his face. For us as a couple, this simple gift had the potential to open a new chapter of our […]

The Science Behind Workout Playlists

Why certain music is not healthy in summer – but is great in the dead of winter. The other day I was taking a morning walk through Central Park. The summer heat was in full effect, as was a fundraising race. Kiosks for water and music were set up throughout the park. Hundreds of feet […]

My Boomin’ Fitness Babes

Meet my 8 a.m. “Tone Up –Tone Down” class. I teach this class at the Dunedin Community Center. These ladies inspire me. They come to my class religiously twice a week to have their butts handed to them in boot-camp form. All of them as old as my mom, they show up early and ready […]

Liz Versus the UVA/UVB Monster

I am a walking advertisement for Athleta… quite literally. As you can see from the photo, my back is a lattice-work billboard. So, let me just preface this blog by stating: I have lived in my skin for 50 years. I come from a long line of English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh, and German descendants. I […]