Go Gluten-Free: 5 How-To Tips

by Life Time Fitness 14

I know you’ve thought about it. Maybe you’ve highly considered it or even attempted it. Most Americans have read and learned about the negative impacts gluten can have on our health. A few quick reminders of gluten’s bad reputation include its link to more than 55 ...

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Set Your Goals Backward

by Sadie Chanlett-Avery 4

Years ago when I worked at a women’s fitness center, I conducted intakes with new members. When asked about fitness goals virtually every women would grab, poke, and list their “flawed” parts. I’d hear, “I want to tone these flabby arms, lose 20 pounds, and get ...

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The Importance of Accountability

by Julia Zammito 0

Everyone wants to maintain a successful workout regime, but so many people fall out of it after a few months. Why? Well, life kicks in – there’s an important paper to write or a big meeting to prep for. The kids’ activity schedules have you running ...

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Forget the Scale

by Sandy Sanders 19

My latest life’s lesson came to me during my recent doctor’s visit when I had to step on the scale. I was actually reminded of a lesson learned long ago, and the reason I don’t own a scale. Back in the day, I USED to be ...

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Tomorrow Never Comes

by Tao Porchon-Lynch 5

We spend so much time, from daybreak to dusk, constantly bombarded with negative thoughts, letting the seeds of fear grow and planting decay within our bodies. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on what will happen or what your fears may bring tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Awaken ...

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Ending Our War on Fat

by Sadie Chanlett-Avery 16

Last week I dissected a human cadaver in an anatomy course. As the embalmed bodies revealed layers and textures, I peeled through assumptions and realizations. The fat tissue, or adipose, was particularly striking. We each have adipose especially in the web of fascia between the skin and muscle. ...

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